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Testimonial: How hairpieces helped me deal with postpartum hair loss and depression

Testimonial: How hairpieces helped me deal with postpartum hair loss and depression

Posted by Superhairpieces on Aug 29, 2022

Meet Amanda. She recently became a mother of two after virtually having back-to-back pregnancies in the space of two years. However, she started to notice something. She was dealing with severe postpartum depression. It eventually led to her losing her hair. Read on to learn more about her postpartum hair loss story and how hairpieces helped her out!

Her struggle with postpartum depression

Many women deal with postpartum depression. Also known as the “baby blues,” there are quite a few speculated reasons for this type of depression. However, a big factor is the hormonal changes a woman goes through during pregnancy.

“Women going through pregnancy and postpartum experience a lot of changes outside of our control,” Amanda said. “So the things we can’t control become really important sometimes. I had a particularly tough time postpartum. I experienced severe postpartum depression. It was hard and sometimes the only thing that kept me going was, as cheesy as it sounds, my baby, my family, the people who care about me. I was able to work, but I was in a very dark place."

Postpartum hair loss

Amanda would also suffer from postpartum hair loss as well. Postpartum hair loss is a temporary type of hair loss where a mother will lose around 400 hairs a day from a period of a couple of months to up to a year. It is said to affect 40-50% of women as per the American Pregnancy Association.

As Hairs To You podcast guest Nicole Budani points out, women can suffer from genetic hair loss, but hormonal changes from pregnancy or menopause can also cause woman to start seeing their hair fall.

“A woman, yeah, it can be just genetic, but usually there's more factors that play into it,” Budani said. “It's not usually so straightforward. So you can have the genetics for hair loss underlying, and then there are factors that are hormonal. So pregnancy, for example, a lot of women notice hair loss after they've given birth.

“It's more common to notice it after [pregnancy] because of the hormones for pregnancy, especially while carrying. It's like growth, it’s good stuff. But it can happen at any point, because guess what? It's changing our hormones. Same thing goes for menopause. The second you go through menopause, this is so, so common for women, and a lot of people just attribute to being older but it it's because of the hormone change that we're seeing.”

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Wigs and hair toppers as postpartum hair loss solutions

For many mothers, postpartum hair loss is unavoidable. The best they can do is try and maintain their hair as well as possible while retaining a good diet and/or using vitamins and supplements to keep their locks healthy and strong. But for some, the hair loss can be extreme and reach a point where the scalp is pretty visible. Hair is as much a part of our identity as our names, and losing significant amounts could hinder one’s confidence, self-esteem and peace of mind just like it did with Amanda.

In this case, a women’s hairpiece can certainly help out. For a smaller or specific area of hair loss, human hair toppers for women are ideal as they can conceal the bald or thinning areas while blending with one’s natural hair to provide a realistic appearance.

If it’s a greater level of hair loss, wigs for women would be more ideal. These are full cap wigs that cover the entire scalp, and can be attached without the need of any tape or liquid adhesives. Amanda opted to use both toppers and women’s wigs to combat her postpartum hair loss. She loves to wear wigs not only to get a full head of hair again, but because of two benefits in particular — the fact that the results are instant and you can attach it in a matter of minutes without spending too much time.

"A wig is pretty much instant,” Amanda said. “You can achieve pretty much whatever style you want with a wig and [snaps fingers] just like that. If you're a busy mom, you can just snap on a wig, and not have to spend a ton of time and effort.”

More than anything, it helped Amanda get out of a dark place.

Amanda’s advice for women considering hairpieces

The convenience of wigs, hair toppers and other women’s hairpieces is certainly beneficial for new mothers who need to devote their time to their babies rather than their appearance.

“It is really awful that in a time in your life where you have something so important like a new baby, you can get something like postpartum depression. It is really soul-sucking and it varies in severity, and mine was very severe.”

If you’re someone that is dealing with postpartum hair loss, or just hair loss in general, Amanda recommends wearing a hairpiece and living your best life.

“My intentions are to help people who don’t have a lot of time, that have been through things like I have been through like hospitalizations and postpartum depression, and give them hope that they can really take pride in their appearance. Live your best life and if that means wearing hairpieces, then wear hairpieces,” she concluded. “I love these hairpieces, they are so beautiful."


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