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Where Guaranteed Low Prices Meet Unmatched Quality

Where Guaranteed Low Prices Meet Unmatched Quality

Posted by Superhairpieces on Jan 29, 2019

Superhairpieces (SHP) delivers hair solutions with exceptional quality at an affordable rate worldwide. Never deviating from this philosophy, SHP provides clients with best-in-class hair pieces, wigs, extensions, toupees and hair care using cutting-edge technology to enhance the hair of men and women everywhere.

The History

Established in August 1996, Superhairpieces opened its factory in Qingdao, China with a handful of diligent employees. Today, SHP employs over 500 steadfast people and continues to stand out as a high-quality, cost-effective hair piece wholesaler for clients worldwide.

SHP is structured to deliver convenient, customized, stylish and accessible products at a price you can always agree with. Owner George Li prides himself on being a “force” within the industry. Among the many factors that set the company part, SHP is the direct line from the manufacturer to salons and retail clients, which enables them to provide products at the guaranteed low prices that many know and love. What’s better than that?

The Opportunity

Superhairpieces services both wholesale/salons and retail clients. The company is well-positioned to bring salons and retail owners' opportunity and expand their level of service to clients with its quality, custom products and unbeatable prices. Not to mention, in an age of personalization, being able to deliver customized hair solutions that are accessible to everyone is a competitive advantage you definitely want under your belt.

The Products

SHP uses high-grade materials with invisible hairlines technology, as well as durable knotting, while considering the most trending styles. All SHP products are crafted with fine-textured hair and come in a range of available colours suitable for everyone. Its diverse product suite also includes hair extensions such as Nail Tips, I Tips, Tape-ins, Machine Wefts, Hand Tied Wefts and Clip-ins – all of which are conveniently offered in different grades ranging from 3A to 6A. But, that’s not all. SHP also gives you everything you need when it comes to hair care, styling and removing your hair pieces seamlessly and stress free. What more could you ask for!

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