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Superhairpieces New Bleach Knot Ready Collection

Superhairpieces New Bleach Knot Ready Collection

Posted by Superhairpieces on Feb 19, 2019

Superhairpieces Bleach Knots Collection have arrived!

Tired of those dark spots at the top of the scalp?

Many people who wear systems love to wear ones that are undetectable to the naked eye. Which means, no one is to supposed to know they have one on. Unfortunately, these handmade units may not always be as natural looking as we have hoped. But let’s not just give up on this idea. Many companies, such as Superhairpieces (SHP), develop techniques to give the most natural looking hair systems to the vast majority of its consumers.

Invisible knot techniques, such as bleaching the knots, prevent those pesky knots from showing on the skin giving you a more natural look which makes it look as if the hair is coming right out of your scalp! Of course there are many other ways of making your system look more natural, such as the type of materials and the way the knots are knotted.

Materials like lace (french, swiss, welded mono) and skin bases, offer that natural look on the skin, making it almost undetectable. They are best for providing a natural hairline. For lace bases, the swiss lace is the most favourite, yet are very delicate. The French lace is a bit more sturdier and can hold more density. The fine welded-mono is definitely the most durable, however, it is a shiny material thus, any light that hits the material will cause it to shine. Finally, the skin base, the thinner the skin base the less detectable the system is.

Nonetheless, the more hair you have on the system, the thicker those pesky knots get and the more visible they become. With bleaching the knots, you reduce the visibility of those big knots making the unit look extremely invisible right up to the hairline. Lace bases are easy to bleach on your own as the knots can be physically touched at the bottom of the base. However, skin bases cannot be bleached since there is a clear coating of the material that covers the knots at the bottom of the base.

bleach knots

But, if there is a will there's a way! SHP,  have listened to consumer demands in providing more natural looking units, especially with the skin bases. It is an exciting time to announce the launch of their Bleach Knot Collection. They have taken the most popular units for this collection saving you time from bleaching your own system, or struggling to find a way to get more invisibility with the skin base.

See below for Bleach Knot Collection List!

* M101 (Full Skin Base)

* M104 (Mono top + clear skin perimeter + lace front)

* M105 (Full Lace Base)

* HD105 (Full Lace Base, heavier density)

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