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Shania Twain Gets Candid About Using Wigs

Shania Twain Gets Candid About Using Wigs

Posted by Santana Fell on May 30, 2024

The iconic country superstar singer Shania Twain kicked off her 'Come On Over' Las Vegas Residency show earlier this month, and needless to say, it has undoubtedly been a crowd-pleaser thus far.

The five-time GRAMMY Awards winner got up close and personal with her audience at the opening show of the Vegas Residency, telling them intimate details of her earlier days, her current fashion enthusiasm, and her use of wigs.


Twain, 58, is living the moment, and that little glimpse into her personal life was enough to keep fans asking for more.

The ‘Still the One’ singer has 24 shows at Las Vegas’s Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood, and the musical saga will end in December 2024.

In a recent interview with Haute Living, the musical sensation known for her powerful voice and dynamic stage presence shared her candid thoughts on sporting her candy-coloured wigs that have been the talk of the town.

She also revealed to PEOPLE magazine that the size of her collection is "not bad." “I probably have 10 natural wigs that are my natural hair just for bad hair days kind of thing,” she said. "Then I have 10 color wigs. I don't have a ton. Twenty is not bad.” feels the singer.

She even says she enjoys watching people come for her shows in colored hair.

Her latest favourite wig is her fair pink wig, which she’s been rocking for most of the year, but her recent long pure dove-white hair is grabbing all the right attention and ticking all the fashion boxes. “It's the closest to what I will look like when I'm completely gray,” she joked.

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