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Remy Hair Vs Non-Remy Hair

Remy Hair Vs Non-Remy Hair

Posted by Superhairpieces on Feb 15, 2019

Often when people hear the word “Remy” they know they are getting great quality hair. But what about “Remy” makes the quality of the hair the best on the market?

The term “Remy” describes a specific method or technique used in manufactures that process hair for extensions and hair systems. The main purpose of this method is to ensure that all the cuticles of the hair go in the same direction. When all the cuticles go in one direction, this allows the hair to be smoother and avoids tangling and matting.

Typically when you have Remy hair with all or most of the cuticles intact, this is known to be True Remy Hair. This type of Remy is smooth to the touch, feels healthier, and strong! But just like with any hair whether it is on the scalp or on a system, the more it is styled eventually the cuticles open up. This will help determine whether the hair is true Remy hair or not.

With True Remy hair, when all the cuticles are intact and opened brushing is still smooth and effortless because the hair flows in one direction- down. For Non-Remy hair, once the cuticles open up, if the hair does not go in the same direction friction will be the worst enemy. Cuticles will either open up and down towards each other and going against each other causing the hair to be severely matted and tangled.

With proper care and maintenance you can have lasting quality with True Remy Hair.

Fun Fact: You can have real human hair but it may not be Remy hair. Which means that the human hair you receive, cuticles may not go in one direction. This is due to the how the collection of is hair being done. The best form of collection is when the hair is in batches and received in one direction. But, let’s face it during the receiving of the raw materials to the end production there will be strands of hair that will fall out of place. These strands are usually collected and sold at a cheaper price on the market. Therefore, 100% human hair may not be

100% Human Remy Hair.

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