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P41L vs P41LBSC : Breaking Down The Difference Between The Two Hair Toppers

P41L vs P41LBSC : Breaking Down The Difference Between The Two Hair Toppers

Posted by Superhairpieces on Mar 09, 2023

On analyzing the huge demand for our much loved P41L hair topper, we also happened to notice an upward trend in the search for a more cost effective version of the hair topper. This, and the significantly reduced supply teamed with skyrocketing prices of hair pieces during the troubling Covid-19 pandemic, gave us an incentive to manufacture the P41LBSC, a basic version of the same hair system made at a reduced price and in a short span of time for people who were in desperate need of it.

Looking at its huge success, we have continued to keep this hair topper available to those who wish to use our hairpieces but prefer to pay a lower price for it. There will of course be some differences between our popular P41L and P41LBSC (Basic) Toppers, but before we break them down for you let’s delve into their similarities first.

P41L and P41LBSC

Both of these women’s hair toppers come with the natural look and feel of a clear see through polyurethane skin base throughout that is sized at approximately 8” x 10”. This base can also be cut down to a much smaller size.

Our P41L and P41LBSC models boast of good quality medium density real human hair. The hair strands on both the models are straight or slightly wavy and can be styled with ease. Both these models allow for glue or tape as attachment options depending on the wearer's preference. They last between 4 to 6 months and are available in several beautiful color options.

While most of their features are similar, there are slight differences between the two as well.

The P41L is designed according to Superhairpieces’ high standards, which are above and beyond the general industry quality. This makes our users experience a taste of finesse at a price that is unmatchable.

With a slightly thicker and much more smooth base, the P41L looks and feels better in comparison to its basic version. Due to the difference in the processing methods, the hair quality on this model is superior to that on the P41L basic hair topper.

Our 16" P41L takes about 3 months to be crafted as compared to the P41LBSC that is quickly processed within 6 weeks and is therefore more cost efficient.


As for the P41LBSC, it comes in varying hair lengths of 14", 16", and 18" that meet the industry standards of good quality. So you can be assured that you are getting a good quality product at a lower price.

It all boils down to your budget and preference for a hairpiece quality that suits your needs. People who tend to lean towards a more budget-friendly skin base topper can purchase the Basic P41L, and those who prefer a higher quality experience with their skin base toppers can try out our P41L.

No matter your choice we guarantee good quality!

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