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Our Most Affordable Men's Hair Systems

Our Most Affordable Men's Hair Systems

Posted by Superhairpieces on Jan 25, 2021

At the beginning of 2020, Superhairpieces launched the Basic line for Men’s Hair system. The Basic Line was produced only in a few of the most popular and requested hair systems in our inventory.

It was created to help those who love our hair systems but needed a more affordable alternative. This notion became more requested as the cost of hair systems went up due to the worldwide crisis.

Basic Men’s hair systems are available in the M101, M102, and M108.

The Basic Men’s Hair system looks identical to the original hair system however you will notice the difference as you run your fingers through the unit.

What are the differences between the Basic model and the Original Models?

Each Basic model is made exactly the same as the original model. For example, the original M102 and the basic M102 use the same base materials, are the same size and have the same poly width perimeter. The difference is really in the texture of the hair.

Between the two versions, the main differences are the density and quality of the hair. The basic models are about 5 to 10% less dense than the original hair systems. The hair is also processed more quickly which slightly reduces the quality of the hair by less than 1%.

Making these distinct changes to create the basic models allows us to produce the same base that is most loved and requested while making them more affordable in the market. The basic model is perfect for those who are not too worried about the quality or density of the hair and are just in need of a more cost-effective alternative. Unfortunately, the basic models do not last as long as the original models.

How long does the Basic model last compared to the Original models?

If you had to compare the longevity of both, the original models may last on average about 3 to 4 weeks longer than the basic models. Since the difference is only in the quality of the hair, you may send the hair system in for a repair to add hair. This would also be a more cost-effective choice than purchasing a new hair system each time shedding occurs.

If the Basic line is more affordable then why not make all hair systems of this quality?

Most customers still prefer the original models as the quality is unmatched anywhere else. Those who are looking for high-quality men’s hair systems know that it will last much longer and it will style differently. If you are in the market for a high-quality hair system, we highly recommend sticking to the original or premium models.

What if I like the density of the basic model but prefer the quality of the original models?

We are currently offering pre-orders on all stock hair systems which you can request to make slight changes such as density, size and grey percentages. Options will be available during the pre-ordering process. You can order as many as you need and in any colour. The delivery time is 3 months. In addition, changes made on stock models during pre-orders are treated as a custom order sale and are deemed a Final Sale item.

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