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Our Hair Quality Grades For Hair Extensions

Our Hair Quality Grades For Hair Extensions

Posted by Superhairpieces on Feb 14, 2018

At Superhairpieces we offer a ton of options for our clients to choose from. This is no exception to our amazing hair extensions. Not many know but we actually offer 4 different grades of quality and six types of hair extensions.

Here you can find out, which one is best grade of hair extensions?

We offer 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A grade quality.

Our 3A hair extensions is made of Chinese and Indian Remy Hair. Dark colors (#1-#8) are made of 100% Indian and Light colors (anything about #8) is made 50/50 Indian and Chinese. The reason why we split the light colors with Chinese and Indian, is for durability purpose. Chinese hair is thicker and stronger than Indian hair. Therefore, in order for us to process the light color we need that strong Chinese hair in the mix.

However, 3A is our lowest grade quality of hair. Although it stands to be average in the market, (when comparing to Superharipieces grade levels), 3A is not the best we have to offer. It has less cuticles in-tact and is only single-drawn. Which means the fullness of the extension or the density to the ends of the extensions is short. It is thicker at the top and thins down half-way. You can get up to 4 months of wear on this quality, even with re-attachments.

This grade quality is best used for entry level students, any clients that is on a low budget, and for those bridal events.

Our 4A hair extensions is similar to the 3A in terms of hair types being used. The real difference between 3A and 4A is quality and fullness/density. The 4A has more cuticles in-tact and is sealed in treatment more than the 3A. Therefore the quality to the touch feels softer and healthier. Also, the 4A is double drawn which means the fullness or density of the hair goes further down instead of its half-way point in the 3A. With monthly re-attachments you can get a good 4 months with 4A.

This is a popular grade quality most clients purchase. It is the average quality you can expect in the market, and is very comparable to many of the top hair companies. For the price you pay, it’s no wonder why it’s a popular purchase. This grade quality is good for those who want longer attachments and on a budget.

Our 5A hair extensions is made with 100% Chinese hair for both light and dark colors. You can imagine why this grade quality is another fan favourite. It is much more durable than the 3A & 4A and can last up to 12 months!

The cuticles on the 5A are in-tact and the density or fullness is more fuller than the 4A. It is also double drawn, but using 100% Chinese hair, you can be assured that there is a ton of density to work with, giving that extra volume.

Now client who want this type of hair, want that luxurious feel and will pay top dollar to get this quality. This grade quality even beats some of the top hair suppliers in the market!

Our 6A hair extensions is very similar to the 5A in terms of quality and make. It lasts just as long as the 5A. The real and the only difference is the fullness level. The 6A is extra double drawn which means, the density is full almost until the end.

Clients who purchase this quality want the best of the best. It is considered premium quality hair. The cuticles are in-tact, the fullness level is correct, and the durability is there. To achieve such high standards, Superhairpieces 6A grade quality is limited to length of hair and type of hair extension. Unlike the other grade qualities, not much options are offered for the 6A. But we have clients that just can’t part without it!

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