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Navigating the GHOSTBOND™ Collection:  A Guide for Professionals

Navigating the GHOSTBOND™ Collection: A Guide for Professionals

Posted by Superhairpieces on Sep 14, 2023

About the collection of GHOSTBOND™


In the ever-evolving world of hair replacement, GHOSTBOND™ from Professional Hair Labs has been a revolutionary product, setting the industry standard with its GHOSTBOND™ Classic. It quickly gained immense popularity as the first formulation to offer true water resistance once cured and a skin-friendly safe adhesive. As the industry progressed, more manufacturers joined the market, prompting the company to develop an entire GHOSTBOND™ collection.

Today, stylists and clients can access various options designed to cater to different needs and preferences. Superhairpieces now proudly stocks a wide range of GHOSTBOND™ products; however, it has confused buyers about which one to choose. In this blog, we will delve into the various options available at Superhairpieces, aiming to assist stylists in identifying the most suitable GHOSTBOND™ for their clients.

Discover the Perfect Fit for Your Client’s Needs

Whether your clients seek unmatched water-resistance, heightened adhesion, or sensitivity-focused options, the GHOSTBOND collection has something to offer. Our blog will serve as your guide in choosing the best fit for your client's specific requirements, ensuring a safe and effective experience tailored to their preferences.



GHOSTBOND™ Classic stands as a truly revolutionary adhesive, setting new standards in the world of water-based adhesives. Unlike many adhesives in today's market, GHOSTBOND™ Classic is free from harmful chemicals like toluene, xylene, and hexane—derivatives of gasoline commonly found in other products. This remarkable formulation ensures both safety and effectiveness, making it a standout choice for hair replacement needs.

Flexible Application and Enhanced Protection

The application process for GHOSTBOND™ is remarkably versatile. While some studios and individuals opt for two coats, we recommend four thin coats to bolster its resistance against oil, sweat, and water penetration. Each thin layer acts as an additional barrier, allowing your client's to confidently indulge in swimming, beach days, workouts, and even saunas, depending on individual circumstances and environmental factors.

A Secure and Long-Lasting Hold

When correctly cured on the skin, GHOSTBOND™ Classic offers an impressive hold lasting two to four weeks. Its invisible bonding and water-based nature, coupled with built-in heat, humidity, and sweat busters, contribute to its exceptional durability and reliability. This adhesive is particularly suitable for individuals with regular skin types, exhibiting lower oil or moisture levels. It is ideally meant for use with poly or lace material for hair replacement systems.

GHOSTBOND™ Phantom: The Clear and Long-Lasting Adhesive

GHOSTBOND™ Phantom is similar to the Classic version, offering exceptional performance for hair replacement needs. However, it sets itself apart with a unique feature that addresses the concern of potential yellowing in certain conditions. While the Classic adhesive might turn somewhat yellow when exposed to oily skin or ultraviolet light, the Phantom remains clear and transparent for at least two-weeks.

Clear Color with Extended Wear

The key to GHOSTBOND™ Phantom's remarkable clarity lies in its innovative color correction formula. This formula ensures that the adhesive maintains its clear color, eliminating any worries about visibility through the hair system's base. With the added benefit of extended wearing, your clients can confidently go about their daily activities without any concerns about the adhesive becoming noticeable.

Ideal for Excessive Oily Skin and Moisture

If your clients have excessive oily skin or are often exposed to moisture, GHOSTBOND™ Phantom is the perfect adhesive choice. Its ability to withstand such conditions makes it a reliable option for individuals who encounter these challenges.

Specific Use for Poly or Lace Material

Just like the Classic version, GHOSTBOND™ Phantom is specifically designed for use with poly or lace material in hair replacement systems. Its compatibility ensures a secure and discreet attachment, allowing your clients to embrace their daily routines without worries.

GHOSTBOND™ XL: The Ultimate Wig Adhesive with Super Moisture Control


Like the previously mentioned versions of GHOSTBOND™ Glue, GHOSTBOND™ XL shares many qualities and is specially designed for use with poly or lace material in wig application. However, its exceptional super moisture control sets the XL variant apart, making it the top choice for individuals with excessively oily skin or those who frequently perspire while wearing a wig.

A Game-Changer for Wig Adhesives

GHOSTBOND XL has revolutionized the perception of water-based adhesives. Its super moisture control feature is the most versatile product ever manufactured, catering to various wig types and application methods. Regardless of your clients’ wig type or style, GHOSTBOND™ XL delivers unparalleled performance and unparalleled holds.

Safety and Long-Lasting Hold

Rest assured GHOSTBOND™ XL contains no harmful chemicals or toxins, making it completely safe for your clients’ skin. Unlike many adhesives, it provides a remarkable four-week hold time, offering both reliable attachment and attention to your client's overall health.

Temperature Resistance for Active Lifestyles

One of the most outstanding features of GHOSTBOND™ XL is its exceptional temperature resistance. Meticulous manufacturing and safety considerations have elevated the adhesive's ability to withstand higher temperatures without reverting to a semi-cured state. Knowing that GHOSTBOND™ XL will hold firm, your clients can confidently wear their wig during beach days, sauna sessions, swimming, workouts, and other activities.

GHOSTBOND™ Supreme: The Premium Solution for Thin Polyurethane Hair Units


The question often arises: What sets GHOSTBOND™ Supreme apart from GHOSTBOND™ Classic or GHOSTBOND™ XL? The answer lies in its specific formulation, tailored to cater to very thin polyurethane hair units. This adhesive is the ultimate solution to eliminate the issue of adhesive reflections, especially prevalent in the media industry, where bright lights and cameras demand a truly undetectable front hairline.

Perfect for Media Professionals and Bright Light Environments

For clients working in media, in front of cameras, or under intense bright lights, GHOSTBOND™ Supreme ensures a seamlessly undetectable front hairline. Its purple coloring blends naturally with the skin's tones, creating an immaculate camouflage for the adhesive. Regardless of the camera angle or lighting conditions, no reflections provide complete invisibility. The adhesive's light-absorbing properties guarantee that your client's hair unit or wig remains entirely discreet and unnoticeable.

Versatile Application and Non-Toxic Makeup

GHOSTBOND™ Supreme's versatility extends beyond hair units and wigs; it is also used for prosthetics on sets due to its non-toxic and chemical-free nature, ensuring the utmost safety for the skin. Its application goes beyond the world of hair replacement, making it a valuable asset on various media sets.

Exceptional Hold for Premium Results

Regarding holding power, GHOSTBOND™ Supreme is the premium choice. Its outstanding performance ensures a reliable and long-lasting attachment, providing the utmost confidence for all-day wear.

GhostBond Platinum: Elevating Temperature Resistance and Efficiency


Let's delve into what makes GhostBond Platinum stand out from its predecessors. At the core, there is a continuous strive to enhance temperature resistance with each new adhesive formulation. GhostBond Platinum is the culmination of the brand's efforts, offering the highest temperature resistance among the GhostBond collection.

Experience Unparalleled Performance

With GhostBond Platinum; your clients can trust that their hair will stay exactly where it's meant to be. The adhesive resists melting or reverting to a semi-cured state, ensuring the performance and peace of mind you can expect from the brand products. No matter the activity or environment, your clients can confidently rely on GhostBond Platinum to maintain a strong and secure hold.

Efficient Application with Optimal Results

GhostBond Platinum's efficiency shines through in its application process. extensive testing has revealed that, in most cases, only two coats of adhesive are needed for the correct and complete drying process. Despite requiring slightly less product, it still delivers the water-resistant properties that have become synonymous with the GhostBond line.

Now, Let's Unravel the Comparisons:

GHOSTBOND™ Classic vs. Phantom:

The similarities between GHOSTBOND™ Classic and Phantom are evident, with the main difference lying in their curing process. One distinct characteristic of GHOSTBOND™ Classic is its tendency to turn slightly yellow over time, especially in conditions where the wearer has oily skin or is exposed to ultraviolet light. On the other hand, GHOSTBOND™ Phantom remains clear even after two weeks of wear, thanks to its color correction formula that ensures a transparent appearance. If your clients seek an inconspicuous adhesive without any yellowing concerns, GHOSTBOND™ Phantom is the optimal choice.


GHOSTBond XL is a highly popular adhesive in the collection, offering exceptional performance. However, GHOSTBond Supreme was formulated specifically for very thin polyurethane bases, particularly catering to individuals working in media under bright lights or cameras. The unique light-absorbing properties of GHOSTBond Supreme create an undetectable front hairline, eliminating reflections under close scrutiny. For those without the need for such properties or thin polyurethane bases, GHOSTBond XL is the clear choice, providing reliable and effective hold without compromising on performance.

Platinum vs. Supreme

GHOSTBOND™ Platinum boasts the highest temperature resistance in the GHOSTBOND™ range, making it an excellent choice for those in hot climates or seeking a secure hold under extreme temperatures. Like GHOSTBOND™ Supreme, Platinum offers light-absorbing properties for added discretion. However, it lacks the purple coloring found in Supreme, which seamlessly blends with the skin's natural tones, creating a truly undetectable hairline and scalp under bright lights or in front of cameras. Therefore, if your clients prioritize temperature resistance, especially in hot climates, GHOSTBOND™ Platinum is the optimal selection, but for media professionals or those desiring the ultimate undetectable appearance, GHOSTBOND™ Supreme is the ideal choice.

Making the Right Choice for your Clients

With the GHOSTBOND™ collection now laid out, our goal is to provide valuable insights on how to perfectly match each product to the unique requirements of your clients. From considering their lifestyle and skin sensitivity to understanding their specific needs, The brand comprehensive guide aims to streamline the decision-making process for stylists, ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Endless Possibilities with GHOSTBOND™

Originally formulated for scalp use, GHOSTBOND™'s versatility has expanded through rigorous testing. We've discovered that it can be effectively employed for various applications, including fake eyebrows, face jewels, prosthetics, and more. The list of uses continues to grow, making GHOSTBOND™ a dynamic and multifaceted adhesive for creative professionals and stylists. If your clients have any questions about GHOSTBOND™ or its other applications, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated team is more than happy to assist you with your client's needs.

Beyond GHOSTBOND™: Exploring Other Leading Brands:

At Superhairpieces, our commitment to excellence goes beyond GHOSTBOND™. We take immense pride in offering an extensive selection of top-notch hair replacement products from various leading brands. As your clients embark on a journey to elevate your clients styling game, stay tuned for our upcoming blogs, where we delve into the world of other popular options. This exploration will empower your clients with a wider range of choices, ensuring your clients have access to the very best solutions for your clients' needs.

Check out the quick reference chart for GHOSTBOND™

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Please note that the information provided is based on the previous descriptions. Always refer to the product specifications and guidelines for the most accurate and up-to-date details.

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