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Mono Toppers with  Poly

Mono Toppers with Poly

Posted by Superhairpieces on Aug 01, 2023

In today’s Expert Blog, we will dive into the world of mono tops with poly perimeters in our women’s hair toppers.

Poly perimeters are most popular with mono tops. You can typically find poly perimeters on mono lace tops because mono lace materials are a woven type of material that will unravel if not enclosed with another material. That is why poly perimeters are typically the most popular solution.

There are several types of poly perimeters, but in this article, we’ll look at the three most popularly used and the difference it makes to the wearer. It is essential to know this as you consult your clients, especially when you’re in a position to start creating custom orders. The three most common poly perimeters with mono lace tops are poly coating, clear poly, and glass-silk poly, which is widely used for women’s toppers.

Let’s look more closely at poly coating perimeters. The poly coating is the oldest perimeter used in the hair replacement industry from before technology improved to create more natural-looking poly edges. However, no matter how much technology improved the design of toppers, the poly coating remains number one on the market. The main reason for this is its durability. The poly coating is most remarkable because it helps keep a topper's longevity. Typically, monofilament hair toppers with poly coating can last a wearer more than nine months and even more than a year if using clips as an attachment method. However, remember that the hair may only last up to 6 months, at which re-venting may be required; but this base can definitely withstand a few re-vents before the wearer has to purchase an entirely new system. Poly-coating perimeters are incredibly durable in that it makes removing adhesive efficient and easy. Not to mention, if you need to seriously scrub off the bond, a poly coating perimeter can withstand the force without tearing like other poly materials.

If any damage occurs to the poly coating, it can be easily removed and re-stitched. This aspect is crucial when creating or modifying a hair system.

Not only do you have the ease of maintaining a mono top with poly coating perimeter, but if your client needs to re-vent the hair, the base can also withstand a few re-vents before they retire the topper for a new one. However, although the poly coating is excellent for durability, many wearers find it too thick, stiff, and noticeable with the hairline showing.

So, with the advancement of technology, clear poly was introduced. Clear poly allows for more of a natural look around the hairline and perimeters of a topper while still providing durability. Against a natural scalp, it was almost undetectable. There are a few ways clear poly has made its way to the market. The first was introduced when skin bases were invented; it was the newest and most innovative in the market at the time. Soon after, hair replacement designers started using skin around the perimeter of the same mono-top bases.

At Superhairpieces, you’ll notice many new topper designs have clear poly with the mono tops to provide a natural look, feel, and durability. Hair is knotted throughout the base, and where the clear poly is gets resealed to prevent the knots from protruding out of the clear poly material.

The clear poly perimeters can have different thicknesses when doing a custom order. If a client feels the poly in the stock systems is too thin, a stylist can request thicker clear poly. One of the most popular features of clear poly is the change in thickness or thinness. On the other hand, although clear poly perimeters have many benefits, they also have flaws. Over time, clear poly starts to crack. If not maintained adequately, it can crack to the point where the top is unwearable, and re-venting would cost more than buying a new stock topper.

Repairs on clear poly perimeters require more effort since the hair is originally vented onto the clear poly rather than on a lace. Therefore, re-venting a clear poly that has been severely cracked can be costly as they would need to recreate the perimeter, reseal to the center material, and then re-vent with new hair.

Now, of course, when a problem arises, a solution is typically around the corner. Most of the toppers are designed to have regular clear poly, and a few newer models are made with a different type of clear poly - the glass silk poly. Although both look identical, there is quite a difference in design and durability.

First, let’s revisit that clear poly is more natural looking than poly coating and can be as durable; however, over time, the clear poly can crack, making the topper unwearable and unrepairable. Because of these issues, glass-silk poly was introduced. Glass-silk poly just means that an extra super fine and thin layer of silk is embedded between the layers of the clear poly. This thin silk layer creates a durable poly that can withstand a large amount of density and does not restrict the weight it would have when longer finished hair lengths are involved. In other words, glass-silk poly is made for toppers with long and thick hair.

If the poly starts to crack, the silk inside the clear poly holds the perimeter together. Therefore, if re-venting needs to be done, a good light reseals of the clear poly typically does the trick in persevering the topper.

Now Glass silk is most preferred, especially with toppers that require longer, thicker hair and need durability with a more natural look than a poly coating. Comparable to the poly layer, the thickness can be viewed as almost the same. In other words, glass-silk provides your client the best of both worlds.

Associated with our mono-tops is also the double mono feature. The dual mono feature is built to have the regular mono lace on top and a super fine inner mono silk layer that helps create a more comfortable experience for the wearer. The inner silk layer acts as a protectant against any friction between knots and the scalp. Wearers have noticed that it also prevents much of the itchiness of the knots touching the scalp. Lastly, most of the mono-tops also come with a lace front to make the front hairline look natural. Some lace fronts are made with French or ⅛ folded welded lace front, which is much more durable than a French lace one.

There are three categories of Mono tops with poly perimeter toppers that will be discussed i to help reference which type of toppers would be best for clients.

Regular, cut-aways, and partial wigs.

Regular mono tops with clear poly are designed to have the double mono top in the center and perimeter.

Cut-aways are similar to the regular mono tops except that they are designed to have a place to cut the base even smaller than the typical base cut.

typical base cut

Partial wigs are designed to be bigger than an eight-by-ten topper but smaller than a full-cap wig. You can cut the partial wig even smaller. The key is to cut only where the poly is and leave enough space for the adhesive to stick on.

Below is a chart of the Mono Tops with Poly Perimeters

chart of the Mono Tops with Poly Perimeters

In conclusion, the world of mono tops with poly perimeters offers a range of options for women's toppers, each with its own advantages and considerations. Poly perimeters, particularly the poly coating, remain popular due to their durability and longevity, making them a reliable choice for wearers. However, they can be thick, stiff, and noticeable, which may be a drawback for some individuals. Clear poly perimeters provide a more natural look and are virtually undetectable against the scalp. They offer customization options in terms of thickness, but they can develop cracks over time, requiring careful maintenance and repair. Glass-silk poly perimeters have been introduced to address the cracking issue by incorporating a thin layer of silk, providing durability and withstanding density, particularly for toppers with long and thick hair. The double mono feature, along with lace fronts, further enhances the comfort and natural appearance of mono tops. Depending on the client's needs and preferences, regular, cut-away, or partial wig mono tops with poly perimeters can be recommended, ensuring a suitable choice for every individual.

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