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M110 Comparison

M110 Comparison

Posted by Superhairpieces on Oct 26, 2020

What material is stronger than a Swiss lace but more natural looking than a French lace?

Still don’t know? Well it’s a Super fine welded mono. This material is the only material we can offer such a high degree of durability without affecting the quality that makes a natural looking full lace base system.

Our very popular M110 was specifically designed to be the only unit capable of having single strand single knots throughout the entire base while being more durable than a Swiss lace hair system. Which means invisible knots that a Swiss lace base system can’t offer. How amazing is that?!

But with 2020 at our feet, we had to evolve with the trend and offer more hair systems with invisible knots. The M110 is what helped launch the nano-technology knotting method used into the Pro Series. Giving that natural look in our most popular hair systems was the goal and we achieved it!

So of course, we just had to add a base like the M110 to the Pro Series. The M110 Pro offers the nano-tech invisible knots with Premium quality hair & colorless front roots. It’s more natural looking and the quality of hair is more durable than ever!


Along with the M110 Pro we also offer a few more versions of the M110 – the M110BF & the M110P. The M110BF offers the colorless front roots like the pro except with no premium hai, making this unit a bit more cost effective. The M110P is similar to the M110BF except it has a clear zigzag poly all around. This makes the base of the hair system strong.


You can compare the M110 family of hair systems below:

M110 Comparison

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