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Lace Front Install with Superhairpieces In-Stock Supplies

Posted by Superhairpieces on Oct 15, 2020

If you didn’t know already Superhairpieces has many in-stock supplies for all your hair needs. That includes supplies for attachments, removals, and to clean the scalp and hair systems.

This blog features the necessary supplies to keep one of the most popular types of hair systems in good shape, and adhere for a long time. Lace systems have been very popular and is well known to be one of the most natural looking hair systems in the industry. It is favoured by both men and women.

With the different trendy hairstyles going on to today, it seems everyone just wants that natural hairline to show their best features on their face. But, you obviously want it to last for as long as you can, without looking like you or your client has a system on at all.

That is why we have rounded up the best of our supplies to ensure you receive the long lasting hair system you or your client deserves.

Keep on reading to see Superhairpieces Top & Most popular supplies for lace front installs and removals in just 5 steps!

Lace Front Installation guide

Typically, most wearers have two units on hand. One for a new install or re-install, and the other currently on their scalp.

Regardless, it is always best to prep the system before any attachment.

Lace Front Installation guide

Using gloves spray Walker’s Top Loc Knot Sealer inside the lace wig to keep the knots in place. This will avoid any unnecessary shedding. Let the sealer dry completely. Once dried, use Walker’s 99% Alcohol with a sponge brush and apply to the inside of the hair system – where the tape will go on. This is to remove any oils on the hair system for better and longer attachments. Lastly, use Super Blue Liner Tape Adhesive to tape the perimeter of the hair system. Try to get as close to the edge as possible without touching the sticky part of the tape. Leave, the backing on until it is time to attach.

Now, if you have a hair system on already and are looking to remove the existing one follow step #2. Otherwise you can jump to #3.

Lace Front Installation guide

Using KP Lace Release Spray the edges of the front hairline to saturate the adhesive for easy removal. Wait until the adhesive is easy to remove. Spray more release if needed. Once the adhesive is manageable you can now remove the hair system slowly. Do this as gently as you can to avoid any unnecessary damage. To remove any residue left on the client’s head use Ultra Safe Solvent. This product is an all natural alternative, 100% organic and safe on the skin.

To remove any excess adhesive on the lace, we have two very popular products – KP Pro Solvent & Rapid Release. KP Pro Solvent has less chemicals and much more safer on the skin than Rapid Release. However, Rapid Release is fast acting.

You want to soak the bottom of your unit in one of these solvents to break down the adhesive. You can leave on for 10 to 20 minutes and jump to Step 5 to clean the system, or you can wait until after installing the new hair system on Step 4.

While you are waiting for the old system to in the solvent to break down the adhesive for easy cleaning, you can prep the scalp for the new hair system

Lace Front Installation guide

Using a small amount of Walker Tape Bond Breaker Shampoo, rub into scalp and own hair. This will help to wash out any residual stickiness, exfloiates the skin while cleaning the hair for long lasting attachments. To remove any extra oil and/or dead skin on the scalp from the shampoo, use Walker Tape Isopropyl 99% Alcholol. Use Walker Tape Scalp Protector to create a barrier on the skin to prevent any irritation from the adhesive. This product also boosts the tape’s bond strength for an extra hold. Always make sure this is completely dry before applying the tape.

Now we can start attaching the new hair system. At this point, the old hair system is still in the solvent unless you have jumped to step 5, from step 2.

Lace Front Installation guide

Grab the new hair system that was previously prepped in Step 1. The hair system should already have the Super Blue lace tape around the perimeter. At this point, remove the backing of the tape and spray Walker Tape Just Positioning Spray on the tape. This will provide you some time to move your hair system exactly where you need it to before the spray evaporates. Once the spray evaporates or dries the tape will begin to start sticking. At this point it will be hard to move the hair system into place.

Once the hair system is in place, let the spray dry and press on the hair system firmly in place. Voila! You new lace unit is ready for a haircut and style.

If you have jumped to step 5, be sure to go back to step 3 and 4 to complete the lace install. But once you are here, it is time to clean the old hair system.

Lace Front Installation guide

Once you remove the hair system from the solvent, ensure that all the adhesive is gone. If you need a little help removing residue tape, you can use a card to slowly remove it or a thistle hair brush. Keep in mind the thistle hair brush might be too aggressive on the lace and cause premature shedding, although much more effective.

You can then wash the hair system with soap and water to remove the residue. Also, using a shampoo and conditioner will be beneficial in keeping the hair system fresh and ready for the next install. Walker Tape Bond Breaker Shampoo & Keune So Pure Moisturizing Shampoo are among the most popular shampoos. You can pair both with the Keune So Pure Color Care Conditioner.

Need more information? visit our website at (US & International) or (CAN)You can also contact us at 1-866-814-7879 or email at

You can also contact us at 1-866-814-7879 or email at

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