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Keep Your Purchases Safe with These 4 Tips

Keep Your Purchases Safe with These 4 Tips

Posted by Superhairpieces on Nov 05, 2020

With the holidays just around the corner and all your purchases from Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just arriving – you’d want to make sure your packages are not meant for someone else to take.

As you can imagine, purchasing a hairpiece is quite an investment. When you have it made custom, you want to make sure you receive the hair on time.

To ensure you receive your purchases, especially from Superhairpieces we gathered up a few tips for you to consider.


#1 Choose Shipping Methods with Insurance & Tracking

Superhairpieces, offers many shipping options. Some of these options are more secure than others. This means if your package goes missing the courier service will compensate for the lost parcel which allows us to send the product out to you again, ASAP. If you choose a basic shipping method with no type insurance or tracking on the package, it would be extremely difficult for us to retrieve any type of compensation.

#2 Signature Required Option

We also offer “signature required” shipping. This means that unless the courier service receives the receiver’s signature they will not leave the package at the home. A signature is required as proof of receipt.

#3 Leave Package with Someone You Trust

If you know you won’t be at home for the date of delivery and you did not choose any of the options above that’s okay. As long as you have chosen a shipping method that provides tracking information, each courier service as online options that allow you to either pick up at a certain location, or change the delivery address and time. This is extremely helpful for those days you need the package delivered to a neighbors’ home.

#4 Always Add Notes That the Shipper Should Know

Lastly, when making a purchase from Superhairpieces we provide a section where you can add any comments – this includes any shipping notes as well. Add any additional information you would like the courier service to know such as doorbell issues, buzzer codes, and where you would like your package to be placed when delivered.

I know many clients like to save on the costs of shipping where they can, but a few extra bucks will definitely ensure that you receive your package on time. If ever it does get lost or stolen, the insurance from the courier services will help compensate for the loss.

Please keep this in mind when making any online purchases, you don’t want your purchases to become someone else’s!

Stay safe and enjoy your holidays.

– Superhairpieces Team

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