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​Is It Worth Getting a Top Piece When My Hair is Thin?

​Is It Worth Getting a Top Piece When My Hair is Thin?

Posted by Superhairpieces on Aug 09, 2019

Is It Worth Getting a Top Piece When My Hair is Thin?

There seems to be an epidemic with thinning hair this past century. Being in the industry for over 20 years, we notice that the age of when men and women start thinning are getting younger and younger. We are now seeing more younger men and women in their early 20s calling in to inquire about hair systems. But, one thing we noticed is that sometimes, the thin hair that clients are worried about may not even be worth getting a hair system.

Find out when it is worth getting a hair system or when to avoid it altogether.

1.) Get a system: When you have over 50% hair loss on the top of your scalp. This could mean that the area that is thinning has either no hair that covers that area, or only 50% & less that now covers that area.

Don’t get a system: Anything less than 50% hair loss, may not even need a hair system. This means, although you may be thinning faster in that area than the rest of the head, there is still enough hair to cover some thinning spots. What happens with attachments, is that the stylist would have to shave the entire area so it is completely bald and if you still have hair growing, it can cause the unit to lift when the hair starts to grow. You would need maintenance more often. It terms of costs, it would not be worth it.

2.) Get a system: When you can grow at least 2” of hair on the sides and back. This is good for blending purposes. The area surrounding the balding spots must have enough length to blend in with the unit otherwise the system may show.

Don’t Get a system: If you are completely bald even on the sides and back, or cannot grow at least 2” of hair around the bald area, then choosing a wig would be the best option.

3.) Get a system: When you are cleared of skin irritations and/or allergies. When you have frequent irritations or skin rashes on the scalp, it is not advised to have any form of chemicals that lay on your skin for long periods of time. Even if you have slight skin irritations, it is recommended that you consult with a dermatologist.

Don’t get a system: When you have severe skin irritations and/or Unfortunately, because hair systems have to attached with adhesion, the adhesion can cause severe skin irritations or burns. One way to avoid this is using a clip base system, but you would need enough hair for the clip to hold on to. 

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