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How to Use Our Fast Mold Caps for Easy Custom Ordering

How to Use Our Fast Mold Caps for Easy Custom Ordering

Posted by Superhairpieces on Jun 07, 2019

Fast Mold Instruction Manual

What is Fast Mold?

Fast mold is a series of caps used to make custom ordering easy. This has been proven to be very effective and efficient by others in the industry such as Hair Club For Men, for many years. However, Superhairpieces has developed 18 cap molds instead of the standard 15, providing more options for clients. There are 3 different contour sets, each with 6 different level of sizes - total of 18 caps. These caps or molds are easy to place on a client’s head for measurement and is labelled accordingly. All that needs to be done is to place these measurements onto the custom order form.

How to use Fast Mold

  1. Pick a contour set

   S for Shallow // for Medium // D for Deep

    2. From that contour set, place the cap on client’s head that best fits the shape and size of their scalp. Moving forward we will use Deep Contour #2 [D2] for examples. Write this number label down.

3. Once the correct cap has been chosen, choose a front hairline shape. This is labelled F1, F2, & F3. For example [F2]

    4. Then move to the back to find the appropriate sizing. This is labelled B1, B2, B3. For example [B2]

If the blues lines on the cap does not fit the sizing you need, you can always use measurements. The most important factors needed from the mold is the contour and the front hair line shape. The size can be made to your specifications.

6. Lastly, the finishing touches on the mold have an X which indicates the crown placements and P for parting.

Labelled X (crown), C for center, R for right, and L for Left. Example [C]

Labelled P: P1 + P2 are left parts, P3 is a center part, P4 + P5 are right part. Example [P2]

Therefore on the order sheet the sequence of labels would look like the following:


This sequence tells me that this is a Deep counter cap #2 [D2]. Front hairline shape is to look like [F2]. Size is to be at line [B2] with a center crown [C] and the second left parting option [P2].


If using measurements, the sequence could look like this:

D2/F2/C/P2 - make size left to right 8” front to back 10”

For further information or if you are in need of assistance, please contact the custom order department by email at Otherwise you may contact customer service by telephone or text at 1-866-814-7879

Please visit (international & US clients) or (Canadian clients) for all your hair replacement needs.

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