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How to Remove, Clean & Prep Tape Extensions?

How to Remove, Clean & Prep Tape Extensions?

Posted by Superhairpieces on Oct 21, 2020

Removing tape hair extensions can be a little tricky if not done correctly. This blog provides some tips and tricks that some of our salon professionals like to do on their clients. Especially, to get those hard to remove extensions off their client’s scalp effortlessly.

We gathered the most simple and effective process that is pretty much used by most of our salon professionals. So if you are just new to the business or looking to try something a little different, keep reading!

Removing The Extensions

It is always good practice to remove the client’s natural hair away from the taped extensions first before attempting any removals. A popular clip used to hold up the hair is our croc clips. This has a good hold & prevents the hair from falling, making the removal process easier to see.

Once you have separated the clients hair away from the exposed tape extensions, you will want to use a remover to loosen the tape. Try out our Hair Extensions Release from Walker. Apply the remover over the tape until it is fully saturated. The Hair Extension Release will break down the adhesives by dissolving it without leaving any residue.

After a few minutes of saturation, you should be able to easily peel the tape extensions away from your client’s hair. Using your fingernails to start the peel is the most effective way to start the removal. When trying to remove the tape, keep in mind that the tape on the hair extension should not stick on your client’s natural hair. If it is, apply more remover and soak for a few more minutes, then remove completely.

Prepping Client’s Hair for Re-install

Next, before cleaning the extensions, give the client’s natural hair a quick wash with Extension Prep Shampoo. This will help remove any residue from the tape or from the release left behind. Keeping your client’s natural hair clean and ready for re-installing the extensions. This is best practice if you want the client’s installs to stay on longer!

Clean the Extensions

Lay the extensions flat with the sticky side up to start removing the old tape tabs off. Apply the Hair Extension Release to remove the adhesive on the extensions. Again, saturate & rub in the remover into the adhesive. After a few minutes start removing the tape off. If you find it is a little too sticky, you can soak more remover and gently take a gift card or credit card to swipe off any extra residue.

To remove any oily residue or any adhesive still left behind, apply a drop of dish soap to the tab and work in the soap. Rinse the hair extensions, shampoo and conditioner. Let them dry completely before applying new tabs.

Re-apply Tape Tabs

Once the cleaning is done and the hair extensions are completely dry. You’ll want to reapply tape on the tabs. Superhairpieces, offers pre-cut tabs specifically designed for our hair extensions.

Just pull off the backing and apply on the tab. When you are ready to apply on your clients clean & dry hair, you can remove the other side of the tab to attach. Attach the tape extensions as you would during a new install.

There you have it! Most of these steps are typically the simple methods, however there are a few tips that make the process a little bit easier.


Supplies to get:



  • Remove Tape Extensions with Hair Extension Remover from Walker
  • Prep Natural Hair with Extension Prep Shampoo
  • Remove Adhesive on Extension Tabs with Remover & Soap
  • Shampoo & Condition Hair Extensions
  • Dry Hair Extensions Completely
  • Reapply tape with Superhairpieces Tape Tabs
  • Apply Tape Extensions on Natural Client’s Hair
  • Style as Usual

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