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How to recycle your hairpiece

How to recycle your hairpiece

Posted by Superhairpieces on Sep 08, 2022

In this day and age, keeping the environment in mind and recycling as much as possible is always a welcome sign. That doesn’t only apply to your bottles, jars and plastic items, though. You can also recycle your hairpiece whether it’s a hair system for men, hair topper or women’s wig. In this blog, you will learn how to do just that and play your part in making the world a more sustainable place one step at a time.

Why you should look to recycle your hairpiece

Whether you’re replacing your disposable M111 thin skin hair system or you’ve finally used up the entire lifespan of your durable monofilament hair system, you will likely dispose of your hairpiece in the trash once you’re done using it. Don’t be alarmed. That’s what just about every hair replacement wearer does. But there are better ways to do it and that includes recycling the hair in particular.

Hair is biodegradable, but can cause harm to the environment depending on how and where it’s disposed. For example, hair in a plastic bag dumped off in a landfill could produce methane which is harmful to the atmosphere. Even the million pounds of hair in a landfill can be dangerous as it can not only create harmful dust, but nitrogen as well which can cause air and water pollution. The best solution, therefore, is to recycle the hair so at the very least, it can still be put to good use without causing any harm to the environment, no matter how small.

That said, if you’re planning on recycling, you first need to consider if it’s synthetic hair or real human hair. The aforementioned information is with regards to human hair, but you will also need to take caution with synthetic hair.

How to recycle synthetic and human hairpieces

If you’re using a synthetic hair system, you are wearing a hairpiece that uses synthetic hair instead of real human hair. Synthetic hair is made from fibers designed to mimic real human hair. Some of these fibers include vinyl, polyester, acrylic and PVC to name a few, all of which can cause damage to the environment since they are not biodegradable like human hair. There’s also the fact that synthetic hair is not easily broken down or recyclable. That is why it is especially imperative that you recycle synthetic hair properly.

Some options include taking it to recycling collections or private recycling companies like TerraCycle, which has drop-off locations around the world. TerraCycle can help dispose of both synthetic and human hair systems and also offer zero-waste boxes. Simply place an order, fill the box with leftover clippings from your hair extensions, wigs, toupees and hair toppers made from human and synthetic hair and send it back for recycling. There are also a number of collectives out there that are dedicated to recycling and reusing human hair. Go a step further and contact your local hair salon to inquire if they have any recycling schemes or programs where you can properly dispose of your unit’s hair.


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