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How to prep for a wig before attachment

How to prep for a wig before attachment

Posted by Superhairpieces on Jan 24, 2021

Wigs can be worn in many different ways. Some women and/or men love to wear wigs for costume purposes, medical hair loss, and even just for a different look for the evening. They’re fun to wear and it can be customized to any style.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to prep for a wig.


If you have hair on your head, depending on the length of your hair, you may need to braid it back or pin it down. A good tip to remember is to ensure that you minimize the bulk of your hair. You may wrap the braid around your head to reduce bulk at the nape of your neck and you may pin down your hair in circles to avoid bulkiness in certain areas.

After you have gathered your hair together, putting a hair cap on keeps your own hair from coming out. The color of the cap allows a natural look when the wig is attached.

For bald scalps, you may want to exfoliate and clean the skin. If you are planning to use adhesive to attach the wig, using alcohol on the scalp will help remove any oils to make the adhesive last longer.


When first receiving your wig, you should always inspect it before washing it. It is important and highly recommended that you do wash your wig before attempting to attach it. This will help clean any leftover manufacturing chemicals or debris that may have been left behind through processing and/or transportation.

Once your wig has been washed (shampooed and condition) you’d want to place it on a mannequin head to either air dry or blow-dry. If you plan on air drying the wig, you should prep the wig the night before attaching it. However, if you are planning to blow-dry the hair make sure the base is fully dry before attaching the wig.


You may choose to style your wig prior to attachment. At this point, you may curl or straighten the wig to your desired look. There are many styles you can do before or after attachment. It really depends on your preference.

That’s it! Your wig is ready for attachment whether it be with adhesive, clips, or simply just the with the wigs adjustable straps.


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