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How to Make Skin Base Last Longer to Avoid Breakage

How to Make Skin Base Last Longer to Avoid Breakage

Posted by Superhairpieces on Jun 21, 2019

Skin Base Breaking?

Not all things last forever, we know this! But, there are a few things that we can do to keep things lasting longer.

For one, let’s talk about our skin bases. From the inquiries we get to the issues we have with our skin bases, it is mainly about the durability of these units.

Our skin hairpiece collection contains various thickness of poly, check out the difference in poly thickness here. The typical rule is, the thinner the base is the less durability it has to offer. 

Our clients who purchase the M101, love the natural look they provide and the durability it offers but still they have to be careful to maintain it so they do not rip. The M101 is our thickest skin base with an 8 mils thickness. Almost as thick as a sheet of white regular printing paper. The other skin bases are much thinner, a couple are disposables which means once you remove the unit it is time to get a new one.

Many of the times, especially with new clients or first time wearers they are unfamiliar with our durability. But this blog should help ease some of these issues surrounding skin bases.The best way to prolong this kind of unit is proper care and maintenance. 

When you first receive the unit you may experiencing some stickiness with the plastic cap from the packaging . 

* When this happens you would need to slowly take the unit off the base, DO NOT PULL IT, the unit will tear!

* If you find it to be a bit of a struggle, you can remove it with a dampened cotton swab and solvent. Insert the swab underneath the hair piece, then slowly move it around to open the whole edge of the perimeter. 

Of course the stickiness only happens when the poly base is exposed to heat during delivery. 

The above procedure is also best to use when removing the system from the scalp.

In fact when removing the unit from the scalp, once the edge has been open, you’d want to spray the solvent at the same time you are removing the base from the rest of the scalp. 

* Remember, the more adhesive you have on the harder it will be to remove, therefore please take extra care!

* Also, when washing and removing a skin base, please keep in mind that poly does expand when wet. When the entire system is really damped and wet on top avoid brushing the hair at the roots. The knots might loosen and the unit would shed very quickly. 

* The best way to avoid hair shed is to comb the hair out with conditioner only at the ends when wet. Never put conditioner that has silicone right at the root when the base is wet. The silicone in conditioners or shampoos will loosen the knots as well.

Over time, the poly may harden due to the adhesive and drying out (See photo below). When this happens, the poly will tend to crack. Of course, this will also let you know that it’s time to change the unit because its lifetime is about to expire. Nonetheless, the best and only solution is to send it back for a repair to the factory. Depending on the severity of the tears the factory can reseal the poly. The smaller the tears the better to reseal. If you do not want to spend another dime on a broken unit but need it to last just a little longer or until you can get a new one, you can always use the tape to reseal as well.

Example of Broken Poly fixed from the factory.

Hope this was useful information. Be sure to check out the other blogs on more information on our hair systems or subscribe to our email list! US/International clients subscribe here & Canadian clients subscribe here.

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