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How to know difference between Synthetic and Human Hair wigs?

How to know difference between Synthetic and Human Hair wigs?

Posted by Superhairpieces on Dec 01, 2020

We often get the question asked whether or not we carry synthetic hair wigs or why do we just carry human hair wigs. The answer to that lies in the information below. This blog will help you understand and dive into the nature of synthetic and human hair. How one is more preferred than the other and which option would work best for you.

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About Human Hair Wigs

Tape Chart for Hair System

Human Hair Wigs are derived from actual humans. They mainly come from four different origins, Indonesian, Chinese, Indian and European. Wigs or hair extensions made from human hair can be much more costly than synthetic hair, especially when you factor in the types of hair used and processed. You can find out how human hair is processed here, to have a better understanding of why human hair can become costly. However, the quality of human hair wigs still surpasses the quality of synthetic hair.

About Synthetic Hair Wigs

Synthetic hair has come a long way from just being costume wigs. The hair is made of either acrylic or plastic fibres, which are heated to the desired hairstyle of the wig. The development of technology has allowed synthetic hair to really mimic human hair that even some say they can hardly tell the difference between the two. You literally would need to place the synthetic hair beside the human hair just to tell the difference. Now, there is even synthetic hair that can be heated to some degree, whereas in the past it was very unheard of! But, as you can imagine even high-quality synthetic hair can become costly and really hard to determine high-quality synthetic from low-quality synthetic hair.

Tell the Difference

With most of the synthetic hair wigs in the market, you can tell the difference between the two. especially when it is side by side. To determine the actual strands, we use a little trick. The human hair wigs where the cuticles are still in-tact will have tiny bumps when you run your fingers through an individual strand. In a synthetic fibre, the hair is super smooth with no indication of any cuticles.

Now, this may be hard to determine when the cuticles are cut to allow processing the hair with colour a lot faster. When the cuticles are cut the human hair will feel like synthetic hair. To determine the difference, heat is usually involved. If you take a strand of the cuticle, cut human hair and curl it in a medium to high heat temperature, it will not fry and maintain its hold. When you do the same with synthetic hair you automatically can see the hair strand melt into the curling tool or shrivel up. Even with high-quality synthetic hair, human hair can still withstand heat at higher temperatures.

Another great way to tell is the ends of the hair. Human hair will start to break and the ends are usually the section that goes first. You can see that when human hair is cut there’s a different colour that starts to show right at the edge of the hair. This is the shaft of the hair show. It’s almost like seeing little dots and is more apparent with darker hair. With synthetic hair, there is no such thing because the consistency of the strand is literally from top to bottom, inside and out. The texture is smooth from start to finish.

Which is better?

Determining whether a synthetic hair or human hair is right for you really depends on your budget and hairstyle. Premium Synthetic hair wigs come in different styles and are much more affordable than premium human hair wig. The downside is that you are unable to change the style of just one synthetic hair wig, you would need to purchase a few (which can get costly) to change your look. As for premium human hair wig, you can stick to one hair system for a while and style it in many different ways. However, one premium human hair wig is definitely more costly than one premium synthetic wig.

Also, let’s factor in quality. No matter how premium the synthetic fibres are, it still does not replace the real texture of human hair and the natural look of it. That is why Superhairpieces focuses only on providing human wigs and human hair systems. We understand that when it comes to having natural looking hair systems, the feel and the look, human hair is the best avenue to walk on.

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