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How to deal with hairline lifting on your hair system

How to deal with hairline lifting on your hair system

Posted by Superhairpieces on Apr 29, 2022

You've got your hair system attached and you're ready to go about your day. You have a full head of hair and can't wait to flaunt it in public. However, one of the worst things that can happen has happened. You notice your hair system is lifting from your scalp on the front hairline area. Even worse, it happened while you're outside. You may not even have your tape or liquid adhesive to reattach it and fix the problem!

This is a common issue for many hair system wearers, especially those who are new to toupees and are attaching it on their own. This blog will look at ways you can deal with your front hairline lifting from your men's toupee as well as how to prevent this situation from happening in the future.

For a visual explanation, you can watch the following video:

Reasons the hairline lifts off a hair system

There are a number of reasons why your front hairline can lift off your hair system. One of them is the most obvious one — you didn't attach that area well enough. Either your method of application was poor or you didn't use enough wig glue or wig tape. We've all seen those videos and images of hair system wearers and their hairpieces coming off without them knowing. Although it wasn't the front hairline, one recent example was an Arsenal fan who went viral after the back of his toupee lifted off while watching a game. He later revealed he didn't use enough glue, which is never a good idea.

Never be stingy and always use the appropriate amount of glue to avoid potential embarrassment. But with that said, there are other reasons your front hairline can lift off:

  • Low quality hair systems

It may seem like an obvious answer, but the fact is, you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to hair systems. It can be tempting to go for a lower-priced hair system, but with that comes plenty of risks such as poor knotting, poor hair quality and low-quality and cheap material being used which won't stick to your scalp. Always look to pay for higher quality toupees that will last longer so you don't need to keep spending on replacements. At Superhairpieces, we offer some of the most affordable 100% human hair systems on the market. With no middleman as we have our own factory in China as well as multiple warehouses in North America, that means our hair systems are not marked up. As a result, our hairpieces are more affordable than other companies even with discounts applied!

  • Oily skin

If you're one that has naturally oily skin, this could be a problem as far as keeping your hairline to stick. Everyone's skin and scalp produces oil to keep it hydrated and moisturized as well as protect it. However, for some, they experience more oil production than normal, and when this oil makes contact with your hair system adhesive, it will naturally loosen the bonds and potentially cause your unit to lift. A scalp protector can certainly help in this regard, which we'll explain in more detail below when talking about ways to prevent the hairline from lifting.

  • Not giving your hair system enough time to cure

In general, it is recommended to wait at least 24 hours after installing a hair system before washing it, getting it wet, taking a shower or partaking in any physical activity that could make you sweat or perspire. For some, that is too long a wait time and that can be understandable. However, you run the risk of your hair system coming off if you don't give it the appropriate time to cure. This is why it's always recommended to plan your hair system attachment in advance in case you need to shower and be ready for a big event or the work week is about to begin.

  • Your scalp wasn't cleaned and prepped properly

Another reason your hairline could be lifting is because you didn't clean or prep your scalp correctly. As important as the actual attachment is making sure the installation area is shaved, cleaned and ready to have a hair system applied. Even if you use the best glue or wait 24 hours for your adhesive to cure, it will all be redundant if your scalp isn't clean, dry and non-oily. Luckily for you, if you're planning on reattaching your hair system, we have the following guide to help you achieve the ultimate hair system bond:

Scalp prep: 7 steps to get the perfect hair system bond

How to fix a lifted hairline

fix a lifted hairline

If you're lucky enough to be at home, or have some key supplies on hand, you will be able to take care of this problem in just a matter of a few minutes. To fix a hairline that has lifted, this first depends on what type of adhesive you've used — tape or liquid adhesive. If you have used tape, all you have to do is lift your system up to the temples, remove the tape, clean the area with some isopropyl alcohol before reapplying with new tape.

Make sure to pat the front of your hair system down properly when reattaching it to avoid a repeat happening. However, you may need to clean the system as well if you're using a tape that is very gooey or has left a lot of residue. Likewise, you will need to thoroughly clean the system if you haven't taken it off for a while, say around three weeks or so. You can use whatever solvents are applicable for your system such as KP Pro Solvent or Lace Release.

Note that oil-based solvents like C-22 Solvent help remove residue much faster, but because it is oil-based, if one is not careful and uses too much, the constant cleaning and pulling can cause even more lifting in the back which could result in the whole system coming off. In this case, isopropyl alcohol is again preferred for newcomers to prevent this from happening.

If you're using glue or liquid adhesives, you not only have to remove this adhesive from the system, but from your scalp as well. Clean your hair system and scalp with your solvent and wait for about five to 10 minutes until it's dry before reapplying your glue and your hair system. The good thing is, if it's just your hairline area, you don't need to remove the full hair system. Just lift the affected area — usually from temple to temple — and fix it with some adhesive remover or isopropyl alcohol.

Another alternative is using products like Max Retouch that are designed for both touch-ups and small adjustments on your hair units. This particular product is a waterproof gel adhesive that comes in a tube and is great for reattaching your front hairline areas, especially if you don't have tape on hand. Both the scalp and hair system areas will need to be cleaned first. Use a small brush or even just your finger to apply a thin layer of the Retouch solution on the scalp area that is loose. Allow three to five minutes before pressing down firmly to reattach.

front hairline

Keep in mind that you don't have to lift the entire front hairline all the time. Sometimes, it's possible that only a small portion of your hair system in the front is lifting. For those minor gaps, you can simply use a bamboo toothpick and the liquid adhesive of your choice. Using the toothpick, spread a thin layer of glue evenly under your lace or skin hair system to fix these minor gaps.

How to prevent your hairline from lifting in the future

If you keep the aforementioned reasons why your hairline could lift in mind and follow the instructions, you should avoid this happening to you again. With that said, there are some other ways you can prevent your hairline from lifting. One of them is to avoid eating spicy food. If you're one who loves to have a bit of spice, unfortunately, you will need to cut down on this as it can cause sweating and heat on your scalp. Speaking of heat, try and avoid being in the sun for too long. It's already advised not to be in direct contact with sunlight for too long as this can damage your hair system by fading the color. In addition to that, it can make you sweat a lot too, especially if you're in a more humid or tropical climate.

If you have oily skin, consider investing in a proper skincare routine. Today, there are so many more affordable skincare products that actually get the job done as far as lowering the production of sebum — an oily substance produced in the sebaceous glands of the skin and scalp — and keeping your skin soft and oil-free. You can also consider wearing a scalp protector. Scalp protectors, such as Walkers Scalp Protector, are applied on the scalp before the adhesive or hair system, and helps form a protective barrier against sweat, oils and other liquids. They are beneficial for those with oily scalps or those in humid climates. Added benefits include the prevention of irritation from tapes or glues as well as improved adhesion overall, so it's a great product to have regardless if you're having front hairline lifting problems or not.


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