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How To Choose Flattering Wigs  & Hair Toppers According to the Shape of your Face

How To Choose Flattering Wigs & Hair Toppers According to the Shape of your Face

Posted by Superhairpieces on May 08, 2023

It is the era of hairpieces. Women's wigs and hair toppers are blatantly ruling the fashion charts with vibrant shades and styles, giving the ladies gorgeous hairstyles and an instant makeover. No wonder everyone seems to be on a hairpiece frenzy, from celebrities to the girl next door!

Though anyone can explore hairpieces, there is no one-size-fits-all formula for selecting the right one. Purchasing women’s hairpieces online is more than choosing a fancy-looking hair replacement system. A lot of thought goes into selecting a suitable hair unit for yourself, your client, or others. After all, this will be your crowning glory and the whole purpose of looking fabulous will be wholly defeated if you choose a wig that doesn't complement and enhance your beautiful facial features.

Your hair is an outward symbol to show off your inner personality, so the next time you choose a human hair wig or hair topper, you should definitely consider your face shape and select one that will go well with your appearance. Getting the correct shape to compliment your face is an underrated part of the hairpiece selection process. A woman’s face shape is determined by their forehead, cheekbones, jawline, and chin proportions.

Here are some women’s wigs and hair toppers suggestions based on the four most common face shapes:

Round Shaped

Hairpieces for round shape

Round-shaped faces are characterized by a wide hairline, rounded chin, soft jaw angle, and fullness just under the cheekbones. The best women’s wigs and hair toppers for women with round faces would be face-framing layers that add length to the front, giving a more toned appearance to the cheeks and jawline.

The body of the layers should be below the jaw, and the sides should ideally lay flat for a slimming look. Keep your hair away from the face, preferably swept back or in a side part. Search for a human hair wig that creates fullness and height at the crown.

Check out our Monica Silk Top Human Hair Wig for a chic look that can be styled in any way you wish. It has a light layered look with an off-center parting line that takes the attention away from the soft jawline.

If you have short hair or want added volume and coverage in the frontal part of your head, you can opt for a human hair topper instead. Check out our EP3608 Natural Parting Line Premium Human Hair Women Hairpiece for a layered look. It gives the appearance of a realistic parting line and can be further styled and cut to blend with your natural hair.

Oval Shaped

Hairpieces for oval shape

Oval-face-shaped people have the most symmetrical faces, typically with narrower jaws than temples. Owing to their perfectly proportional face, just about any human hairpiece would look great on them. However, the most flattering women’s wig styles would be long, straight hair wigs with middle partings. Or a lace top natural-looking hair topper for women, can make them look amazing. These human hairpieces can even be styled to create soft curls for a fun and youthful appearance. You can go for hairstyles that ensure the hair sits away from your face to compliment its shape or choose chin-hugging bob-cut women’s wigs to accentuate your jawline. If you want a fuller head of hair appearance, you can buy a women’s human hair topper with bangs that add dimension and look wow on an oval-shaped face.

Check out our Maya Premium Human Hair French Top Weft Back Women’s Wig with long hair in a naturally straight texture. It has a center part and short layers to give an added oomph.

If you are looking for a bob-style wig, you can't go wrong with the Adele Premium Human Hair wig. It comes with straight hair and a lace front for natural-looking comfort.

Our EZ 5706 Mono Silk Top clip-on human hair topper, is a game changer. This naturally straight premium Remy human hair topper for women is easy to use and adds glam bangs to your everyday hairstyle.

Square Shaped

Hairpieces for square shape

People with square-shaped faces tend to have a broader and more prominent chin and forehead. Most times, the forehead and jawline are of the same width. To help soften the sharp angular look, choose a wig that helps boost the volume of your hair on the crown area while having thinner sides to balance the overall appearance. Invest in shoulder-length layered or wavy hair women’s wigs with bangs that kiss the cheekbones to add depth to your face, creating a more balanced and elongated look.

Use our shoulder-length Taylor Premium Human Hair Mono Top Lace Front Wig for Women for a gorgeous look that frames your square-shaped face.

Our MO7608 Mono Silk Top Women Hair Integration System works wonders on a square-shaped face. The front edge of the mono silk is sealed by ultrasonic technology to create an invisible hairline integration, adding the much-needed volume to the thinning crown area while giving a sleek tapered look towards the cheeks. Its short length (8") is ideal for blending and integrating with your natural hair.

Long Shaped

Hairpieces for long shape

Long-faced people generally have a narrow width but an extended length, making the chin look pointed. Choosing a chin-length wig for women will add more width than height, giving an appealing appearance that takes the attention off the chin while complementing your unique features.

Use our mid-length Gwyneth Premium Human Hair Full Cap Women’s Wig to give yourself a chic appearance. It comes with subtle layers in front and consistent length in the back for a fully natural-looking hairstyle to suit your face perfectly.

Our EZ6810 Premium Human Hair Mono Silk Top Lady's Hairpiece is a versatile hair topper that can be used in several ways for a realistic appearance. One of its key features is the cut-away design that allows you to customize it to your hair loss area. You can also cut a slot between them to pull the hair through, giving a seamless look. Its 10" length adds to these features, making it look great on women with longer faces.

No matter the shape of your face, wearing a hairpiece can always enhance it, making it look better. However, confidence is vital when wearing a women’s hair unit, so flaunt it with style!

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