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How to Care for Premium Human Hair?

How to Care for Premium Human Hair?

Posted by Superhairpieces on Oct 29, 2020

At Superhairpieces we offer a variety of hair systems with different quality of hair. In the past few years we have obtained the best True Remy Premium Hair providing the most softest and healthiest looking hair in our store. However, just like with any other system, proper maintenance is key to longer lasting units.

If you don't know about what True Remy Premium Human Hair

What most people don't understand is that when you have True Remy Human hair, you can be assured that cuticles stay in tact. When the hair eventually dries out and the cuticles start to open, the hair starts to tangle and matte. To avoid this disaster below are a few tricks we’ve obtained from our hair stylists to ensure they continue to be the best looking hair all year around.

Top 10 Care and Maintenance Tips for Premium Human Hair

#1 Shampoo Using PH balanced shampoo or a more natural line

natural line Organic keune so pure Shampoo


When Shampooing the hair system always use a PH balanced shampoo to help keep the cuticles closed and smoother. If you can't find one, the best alternative is going as organic as possible. Meaning, find products that will not strip the natural oils or contain more naturally derived ingredients to avoid any extra stripping of the hair’s quality. You can check out Superhairpieces Organic Line with Keune So Pure Shampoo.


#2 Rise with Cold Water



To keep the cuticles closed during washes, always use cold water to rinse.



 #3 Soak in Cooled Olive Oil



Over time the hair will become dry. When this happens to revive the hair, soak the ends in cool Olive Oil for about 10 mins to close and seal the cuticles while providing the moisture it needs.


#4 Seal with Moroccan or Macadamia oils


Seal the hair with oil – Moroccan and Macadamia oils seem to be the most popular among our clients. Also, serums and silicone bases can help seal and contain the moisture in the hair but you also want to be careful using these if you are wearing a wig or a topper. Avoid placing silicone based serums at the root of the hair system as it can cause the knots to loosen and shed faster. Only add these to the ends.



#5 Deep Treatment Hair Masks




Do a deep treatment hair mask at least once a week & always use a leave-in conditioner to smoothen the cuticles.



#6 A Loop Brush is Your Bestfriend.

Loop Brush



When brushing use loop brushes, wide combs or ones with bristles that are spread farther apart




#7 Brush Consistently, not aggressively



Before deciding to tackle the job of brushing out knots, make sure you have conditioned your hair well and remove knots during the conditioning process. When the hair is dry, brush consistently to avoid the knots from getting worst. DO NOT BRUSH AGGRESSIVELY, this will shorten the life span of you hair system or hair extensions.

 #8 Lather Straight Down, Not in Circle Motions


Never lather the hair in circled motions. Rather shampoo, condition, and rise going in a downwards motion to keep the direction of the hair and cuticles together.




#9 Avoid Friction, it is Your Worst Enemy


It is always best to remove the hair before bed. But if you have a permanent attachment, the best remedy is to wrap the hair up with a satin scarf. You want to avoid has much friction as possible to keep the hair from getting matted.


 #10 Never go to Bed with Wet Hair

Unless, you have a deep conditioning treatment in and have wrapped your hair securely, going to bed with wet hair can cause an extreme amount of matting when you wake up.

When the hair is wet and dries without being properly sealed, the cuticles begin to open. When you are sleeping you may toss and turn causing the cuticles to go against each other. Mind you, your hair may not even be fully dry when you wake up, so you’ll definitely be at war trying to untangle the wet & dry hair.


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