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Hair extensions: Machine weft vs genius weft vs hand-tied weft vs. skin weft

Hair extensions: Machine weft vs genius weft vs hand-tied weft vs. skin weft

Posted by Superhairpieces on Oct 21, 2022

For many who wear hair extensions, they tend to go for the more popular ones such as clip-ins, tape-ins, u-tips or i-tips. These types of extensions are usually the more affordable options while some of them, such as clip-in hair extensions or tape-in hair extensions, can be installed manually by the wearer depending on their level of expertise.

However, for those who have a bit more in their budget and want that extra bit of quality, weft hair extensions can be a great option. There are a couple different types of weft hair extensions ranging from the main ones being machine weft and hand-tied weft. With that said, there are also newer weft extensions in the form of genius wefts and skin wefts. What are the differences and which one should you go for? You’ll learn everything you need to know in this blog post!

What are machine weft hair extensions?

machine weft hair extensions

Machine weft hair extensions are extensions that use strands of hair that have been sewn together onto a weft with the help of a machine. The weft can then be attached on the client’s head through sewing.

Machine wefts are usually thick and bulky which mean they weigh more than other types of extensions. Because of these features, they are ideal extensions for those who want thicker hair density and hair that is very durable. If taken care of and maintained properly, machine wefts can last anywhere between four months to upto a year depending on the hair and extension quality.

You can purchase machine weft hair extensions online at Superhairpieces.

What are hand-tied weft hair extensions?

hand-tied weft hair extensions

Hand-tied weft hair extensions are extensions that use strands of hair that have been manually sewn onto a weft by hand. Because it is, as the name suggests, completely tied by hand, there is not a lot of hair required to make the extension compared to machine wefts. The end result is a thinner lining which helps achieve a more natural-looking appearance on the wearer’s head.

Another benefit of hand-tied wefts is that shedding is reduced and there is more flexibility. This, however, comes at the cost of a thinner hair density. While hand-tied weft extensions may not be ideal for those who already have thick hair and are looking to add more length, they are a great choice for people who have fine, thin hair and desire a natural-looking boost in volume. Hand-tied wefts are also beneficial as they can be used for integration with other hairpieces.

With the proper care and maintenance, hand-tied wefts can last anywhere from four months to upto a year. You can purchase hand-tied weft hair extensions online at Superhairpieces.

Note: Hand-tied wefts are not recommended to be cut as this can result in lots of hair getting shed. Instead, seal the ends with glue to prevent the hair from unraveling.

What are genius weft hair extensions?

Genius weft hair extensions are similar to machine weft hair extensions. The difference is genius wefts are almost virtually invisible and undetectable. Remember how we mentioned that machine wefts were thick, bulky and durable? That is one reason why they are mainly suitable for people who already have thick hair.

Genius wefts, meanwhile, are much more natural-looking than machine wefts because they are extremely thin and light, almost as much as hand-tied weft hair extensions. When attached on the scalp, they provide a seamless appearance, making it ideal for those with fine, thin hair. Additionally, genius weft extensions provide more volume than hand-tied wefts while being a more affordable alternative for a natural look. Think of genius wefts as essentially the intersecting point between hand-tied wefts and machine-tied wefts. Stay tuned as Superhairpieces plans on introducing genius weft hair extensions in the near future!

What are skin weft hair extensions?

Skin weft hair extensions follow the same principles as hand-tied weft extensions in that the hair is hand-knotted onto the weft. The difference is, as the name suggests, it makes use of poly skin material which provides a number of benefits. Because it uses poly skin, these skin weft hair extensions are the most durable type of weft hair extensions and can hold thicker hair. Additionally, this material allows one to glue or tape the extensions onto the hair instead of just sewing it on. Most of all, these weft extensions are reusable and can potentially last as long as two years with the proper maintenance.

However, because they can be attached with glue or tape, they also tend to be messier than other types of weft extensions. Finally, because they last longer than other extensions, one can expect to pay a lot more. With that said, it’s worth the investment given that they are reusable and can last as long as two years as aforementioned. Just like with genius wefts, Superhairpieces will introduce skin weft hair extensions in the near future!

Differences between machine weft, genius weft, hand-tied weft and skin wefts

If you want to save some time however, we’ve summed it all up in a table below so you know what’s the best option for you.

machine weft vs. hand-tied weft hair extensions chart

Note: While we have ranked the durability of each weft hair extension type, they are all virtually the same with the proper maintenance other than skin weft extensions that could potentially last two years.

Now you should know the difference between machine weft, genius weft, hand-tied weft and skin weft hair extensions. Want to learn about the other types of hair extensions? Check out our other blog that goes further in-depth about the different types of hair extensions.


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