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Front Hairline Shapes & Tapes That Are Apt For Them

Front Hairline Shapes & Tapes That Are Apt For Them

Posted by Superhairpieces on Apr 14, 2023

The whole purpose of wearing a wig is to get a seamless, natural appearance and look great. For this to be possible, one must consider the front hairline shapes in wigs. They are extremely significant as they help create a natural-looking hairline and can affect the overall appearance of the wig. The shape of the front hairline can vary depending on the type of wig and the style it's meant to emulate.

Many wigs require tapes and adhesives to hold on securely to their scalp. So it's vital to choose a wig tape that compliments your front hairline while minimizing any discomfort or irritation from wearing the wig. The right wig tape shape will depend on the style and fit of your wig, as well as your personal preferences and needs. It's essential to experiment with different wig tape shapes and types to find the one that works best for you.

Read further for a better understanding of front hairlines tapes and shapes.

What are the Front Hairline Shapes in the market for hair systems?

There are six front hairline shapes in the market. A, AA, B, BB, C, CC - these shapes are industry standards for hair systems, and most tape manufacturers use the exact measurements to create the pre-cut tapes for front hairline shapes.

A & B - shapes have a pointed edge; however, comparing the two shapes, the A shape has a more rounded front than the B. The B shape front deepens in more of an angle, creating a straight edge at its sides.

AA & BB - shapes are similar to the A & B, except they are designed to be more narrow; therefore, the pointed edge is much more defined. AA & BB shapes are great for those who have hair systems that create a widow's peak.

C & CC - shapes have the assumption that they are shaped as a C; however, only the CC shape depicts that notion. The C shape looks more straight than curved, and the CC is more comparable to the A shape. The C shape has a very slight bend near the ends of the tape. The curve is so subtle that it can easily be missed for a Straight front shape. CC shape deepens more in an angle, creating a round front rather than being pointed like an A. CC shapes are great for those who have a wide hairline.

What are Pre-cut tapes?

Pre-cut tapes

Pre-cut tapes are strips cut to place easily on a hair system. Instead of taking a roll and cutting the tape during the attachment process, the pre-cuts skip the cutting, saving time. They are placed around the perimeter of a base and, depending on the hair system’s front hairline, will also determine what shape of pre-cuts to buy. Pre-cut tapes come in A, AA, C, CC, B, and BB shapes.

Other pre-cuts, like the Straight strips, have no angles or curves. Straight strips are not widely used in the front, and the main reason to use straight strips is for the edges of the hair system.

With all the different shapes for pre-cut tapes, the wearer would assume it would naturally fit the front hairline shape of hair systems designed to have that specific shape. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Since every hair manufacturer produces hair systems with different molds, it is hard for the tape manufacturers to accommodate each mold to create its specific front shape for pre-cut tapes. Even tape manufacturers work with different molds and sizes for their pre-cut tapes, creating a considerable variance between pre-cut tapes matching the front hairline on hair systems.

What are the most popular front hairlines used in the market?

The main front hairlines in the market and Superhairpieces are the A, CC, and C front shape.

Although there are other front hairline shapes, manufacturers have stuck to the standard four types for several years - the AA shape is generally used for pointed front hairlines. A & CC are the most widely used since they, on average, can fit most wearers, while C is more for those who have a very flat or wide face.

B and BB shapes are so pointed that only a small percentage of wearers who want to maintain their widow's peak will request a B or BB shape front. But even so, the AA shape will offer that look.

As for a Straight front hairline, only a few wearers request a hair system with a straight edge, as it looks unnatural. Hence, C shape fronts provide that slight curve that mimics the natural roundedness of a wearer's face. That curve on the front hairline gives that natural look since it is rare to see a human face have a straight front hairline shape.

The A and CC front hairline on a hair system has a difference of 1mm when measured with the human eye. The reason why these two front shapes are most popular is that not only are they similar in shape, but it gives some room for variance in case the wearer has a more rounded front shape.

An A-shaped front hairline is most famous for Caucasian, and C is most popular for Asians. That is because, typically, on average, Caucasians are known to have more narrow front hairlines than those who have Asian descent. Asians, on average, usually have a wider face which requires a straighter front hairline on their hair systems. But since many wearers come in many different shapes and sizes, as well as front hairlines, most hair systems in the industry typically use A/CC fronts to accommodate the average wearers who can fall in those two shape categories.

Example of front hairlines

Pre-cut tapes

Special Notes with Superhairpieces

At Superhairpieces, the women’s wigs and toppers are primarily designed to have a C shape front because most wearers prefer to have more fullness at the front. Naturally, when a woman has long hair, the tendency is to avoid having the hairline show; only when they put their hair up and back or have extremely short hair do we see the natural hairline on a woman. If the wig or topper had an A/CC shape front, the temple area of the hairline would recede more which is undesirable for most wig/topper wearers.

Model M108CC was designed for those with a straight or flat front hairline. It was initially intended to be a C shape front; thus, a slight curve was made to create a more natural front hairline, categorizing the model as a CC front. Since the front hairline was designed with more of a slight curve than a C but less than a CC front, it makes it difficult for either a C or CC shape pre-cut tape to fit correctly.

Nonetheless, there will always be a variance between the pre-cut tape shapes and the front hairline shapes on a hair system, which means that these should be considered when purchasing pre-cut tape for hair systems. The pre-cut tape shape should be used as a reference in which tape is more suitable for a hair system but assume that it may not fit correctly. As for the wearer, the pre-cut tape shapes should be taken to guide the hair system most appropriate for their front hairline.

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