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Find out Superhairpieces Wave Pattern Hair Comparison

Find out Superhairpieces Wave Pattern Hair Comparison

Posted by Superhairpieces on Jul 18, 2019

We get it! Many of our clients do not have naturally straight or slightly wavy hair. Unfortunately, many of our stock systems do not offer more than just a slight wave. So many of those who have curly hair will either take their system to a stylist to have it permed or create a custom order.

On the other hand, curls are a tricky thing to achieve. The perm solution done in the factory is very strong therefore, the factory refuses to risk the quality of the hair with perming the hair for too long. Which sometimes, the curl does not come out exactly as one hopes. :(

We typically suggest to get a naturally wavy or slight wavy system, like most of our stocks and have the stylist perm it at the salon. However, we understand that is not easy for some clients either. Therefore, we decided to create this blog to help everyone understand the differences in our curl at the factory. Below you can see how much one curl against another curl.

This will help you determine which works best for you and whether you should go tighter or more loose. But, just a rule of thumb, when perming the hair the rod starts at the bottom ends of the hair and is rolled up to the root. When the perm solution goes on, it hits the top layers of hair on the rod before touching the root and the longer the hair the bigger the curl gets before it is rolled up to the root. Consequently, with the solution sitting at the end of the hair, and the curl has just gotten bigger, the desired curl is most likely not at the root but mainly at the ends.

Now for some, that’s fine and dandy when they do not need to cut the length of the hair down. But for those who need that cut to length, you might want to consider getting one curl tighter if a more curly hair is the desired look.

To avoid over stressing about the curls, it’s a good reminder that curls are a tricky thing to achieve and when things are hand-made nothing ever comes out 100% identical to the next. Sometimes you have to give it a few tries before getting the right curl, other times you just know.

At the end of the day, the team at Superhairpieces try their best to match your desired look.

See Below for Superhairpieces’ Comparisons of Wave Pattern Hair.

Keep in mind when doing inspections on curls, wash the unit first to ensure the curl is correct. Typically, dry packaged hair can make the curl look different.



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