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FAQ on Virtual Consultations for Hair System

FAQ on Virtual Consultations for Hair System

Posted by Superhairpieces on Oct 06, 2020

Unfortunately, during these precedent times we are forced to take our consultations virtual to minimize the risk of COVID-19. On the upside, we can now help hundreds more online! Whether you are in the United States or in Canada, you can speak and see one of our consultants via Zoom meetings.

If this spikes your interests in getting a consultation done, continue reading. We gathered up a few common questions that we’re happy to answer!

If you prefer to have a face to face interaction, we will send out emails on when we will be able to open our consultation room for that purpose. So be sure to keep yourself up to date and subscribe to our email list below!

Let’s move on…

What can I expect from my consultant?

Our goal at Superhairpieces is not to sell you anything! I mean it would be great to get a sale, but if wearing a hair replacement system is not right for you then we won’t push or pressure you into buying one. What we do and what our main goal is is to educate you the best way we can in our hair systems. We ask numerous questions to determine your lifestyle, whether you are an experienced hair wearer, and whether getting a hair system now is the right time for you.

At the end of our consultation, you can make the decision whether to move forward in purchasing a hair system, wait it out a bit, or just completely walk away from this lifestyle choice. But whatever decision you make, we are here to support you!

But, how can you do a proper consultation if you can’t even measure my own head? How will I know it fits?

Good question! We decided to create a video and blog to help you determine your own scalp size before your appointment. That way you’re not worried about whether the consultant can measure your head. Of course, if you need help to determine your hairline or where you should mark your sizes, you can definitely ask us and show us on Zoom. That is the beauty of these virtual consultations, is that we can still see you!

 What happens when I choose the base you suggested and the color is off?

Your consultant will provide you with about 2 to 3 options of base & color (just in case option A becomes out of stock, you have option B & C to choose from). We’re going to be honest that because it is virtual, color may be a huge issue since varying video lighting and different screen resolutions can affect how the color can look.  But, we do have a video for you to look over before your appointment that may help.

You can see which color you feel would suit you best. Then you let your consultant know, and come to an agreement on whether or not it can work for you.  However, if you feel the consultant is wrong in color then of course feel free to choose the hair color you feel most comfortable with.

You also have the option to send us a sample of your hair color. Although, it is a bit of an inconvenience and we might need to push the consultation back to wait for your sample, at least we have a better chance of choosing the right hair color.

But, if the hair system is completely off from your current hair, we do offer a 15 day hair exchange policy as long as the unit remains untouched and comes back the way we sent it.

On the day of my appointment, the stylist suggested a completely different base. Do I go with their suggestion or the consultants?

If you opted-in getting an attachment with one of our in-house stylists and the hair system suggested by the consultant is different from the recommendation of the stylist, then you have the option to choose which base would suit you best. The stylist would have a better idea as you will be sitting on their chair so they can actually determine if the hair color is correct or the base size is off. Therefore, we do highly suggest going with their recommendation over the consultants. However, if you don’t feel comfortable with the stylist’s decision of course you can keep the consultant’s suggestion instead.

Either way, by the time you leave, it will be with a hair system of your own choice.

These are the most important and most asked questions when doing a virtual consultation. At this point in time we can only recommend hair systems that are at most 8” by 10”. Any hair systems outside of these measurements will have to be considered a custom order consultation, or a wig size base – at which the consultations will run a bit differently.

If you are comfortable with making this lifestyle choice or just have any more questions you need answers too, definitely reach out to us and we will be happy to assist you! Book a consultation with us? First time wearer or first time with Superhairpieces, we’ve got you covered!

For more information about hair system, book now virtual hair stylists consultation, visit our website at or

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