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Everything you need to know about Diamond Lace

Everything you need to know about Diamond Lace

Posted by Superhairpieces on Jun 16, 2023

What is diamond lace?

Diamond lace has become increasingly popular in the last decades as a more advanced and sophisticated alternative to French lace. French lace was the first type of lace to be used in the hair replacement industry and is now being overshadowed by diamond lace.

Compared to French lace, the independent material used on diamond lace does not hold as much durability, but its unique design and the use of advanced technologies have made it to become much more durable than a French lace. Diamond laces are typically made with silk or nylon; at Superhairpieces, they are made with a close-to silk-type polyester. It was created to provide a more natural-looking scalp through the diamond patterns.

At Superhairpieces, diamond lace is used as an inner layer for our women’s Allure collection as it is durable, soft, and breathable, creating comfort for wig wearers. Therefore, no hair is knotted through the diamond lace, and instead is knotted directly on the top French lace layer or Mono Top lace layer.

What is Diamond Lace?

Diamond lace is typically a thicker material, especially where the diamond-like patterns are most visible. Looking at this lace material, you can almost see a few layers intertwined.

However, this lace is designed to allow air and moisture to circulate through the scalp preventing irritation and itching.

It is also not typically very stretchy, as the material is designed to provide a secure base for the wig. However, some diamond lace wigs may have a slight amount of stretch to allow for a better fit on the head. The amount of stretch in the lace will depend on the specific type of material used and the wig's construction. It's important to note that while some stretch in the lace may be beneficial for comfort and fit, too much stretch can cause the wig to lose its shape and not sit securely on the head. The right amount of stretch in the lace should be balanced with the need for durability and security to ensure the wig is comfortable, natural-looking, and secure.

How does it differ from Swiss and French lace?

The main differences between Diamond, Swiss, and French lace are the patterns and durability of the lace.

How does it differ from Swiss and French lace?

Diamond lace has a diamond-shaped pattern, with larger holes in the lace, which allow the scalp to show through. It creates the appearance of a natural-looking scalp allowing the hair to blend seamlessly with the existing hair. With the design and the use of advanced techniques, it makes it more durable than both the Swiss and the French laces combined.

On the other hand, Swiss lace is fine and delicate, with a pattern of smaller holes in the lace. It is typically thinner and more transparent than other types of lace and does not hold a lot of density. Because of how thin the Swiss lace is, it is more susceptible to damage over time, but does provide a natural look. Swiss lace is also highly breathable, which can help to prevent irritation or discomfort on the scalp.

French lace is a thicker and stronger material than Swiss and has a honeycomb pattern with medium-sized holes. This type of lace is more durable and can last longer than the Swiss but not as long as long as Diamond lace. It is still an excellent choice for people looking for a wig that can withstand daily wear and tear. But, despite that, the thicker material can also make it more noticeable and may not be as natural-looking as Swiss.

Overall, the diamond lace lands in between French and Swiss lace, having the softness of the Swiss and the durability of the French. But on its own, it creates a more natural-looking and comfortable wig due to its diamond-like pattern. Many diamond lace wig makers use advanced construction techniques which can increase the durability and lifespan of the wig.

Why does Superhairpieces use diamond lace rather than an inner silk layer?

In the Allure collection, the silk inner layer became a popular feature of many toppers. However, most wearers found the toppers too hot due to the inner silk. The inner silk provided the needed protection and avoided the itch from the knots; however, it was so fine that it became unbreathable for the wearer.

To ensure that the wigs in the Allure collection would not experience the same fate, the diamond lace was introduced to the line, providing all the benefits of the inner silk layer in terms of durability and prevention of irritation due to knots, but with more room for comfort.

The diamond lace is only placed at the wig's top due to its lack of stretch. As an inner layer, it is soft, breathable, and still adds protection from the knots. With it, wig wearers are more comfortable and can withstand their wigs for a longer duration, increasing their confidence and sense of well-being.

Which wigs carry the diamond lace?

  • Coco
  • Selena
  • Angelina
  • Sophia Wig (for children)

Which wigs carry diamond lace?

These wigs are paired with silicone tabs and stripes to avoid taping or gluing at the top, allowing the hair system to last much longer.

  • Eudia
  • Eubree
  • Envogue


These wigs are all made with European hair and are designed and built like our Adele, which is a mono-top wig, except they have Diamond lace as an inner layer. It is a very similar concept to having an inner silk layer, except the Diamond lace provides that breathability with comfort.

In conclusion, Diamond lace can provide the needed comfort, durability, and breathability to any wig. It is a great feature for those who experience wig sensitivities such as itchiness due to the rubbing of the knots on one’s scalp, and those who do not want to experience too much warmth wearing a wig. It can also be added to any custom order made with a mono top, or simply have it on its own.

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