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Elevate Your Hairstyles with Frontal Hairpieces for Men

Elevate Your Hairstyles with Frontal Hairpieces for Men

Posted by Superhairpieces on Jun 21, 2023

Is hair loss or a receding hairline limiting your uber-cool hairstyling options? We have a quick fix for it. Have you tried our frontal hairpieces for men yet? These contemporary human hairpieces are for young modern men who are confident and determined to look their best without making hair loss a constraint.

Frontal hairpieces offer a fantastic natural-looking solution that seamlessly blends with your existing hair to instantly enhance your appearance and confidence.

What are frontal hairpieces?

Frontal hairpieces, also called hair patches, are specifically designed for men with a receding front hairline, an evident beginning stage of male pattern baldness.

This kind of hair loss shows a pushed-back hairline area, whereas the rest of the head has lush growth. In this case, opting for a toupee does not make sense as one would need to shave their crown area for it, which makes frontal hairpieces the most feasible option for receding front hairlines. There is no shaving involved. All you need to do is attach it to your forehead, at the start of where your hairline should be, with suitable hairpiece tape or adhesive for secure wear.

Whether you are experiencing an M-shaped hairline, a widow's peak, or an uneven hairline, we can customize our frontal hairpieces to suit your needs. You can also get a good haircut and use several hairstyles to blend your frontal hairpiece with the rest of your natural hair.

Where can you find frontal hairpieces for men?

Right here! Superhairpieces has 2 excellent real human hair frontal hairpieces for men - FR115 (Swiss lace) & FR111 (Full thin skin). You can also get your men’s frontal hairpiece custom-made from us for a seamlessly invisible hairline.

Our FR115 full Swiss lace frontal human hairpiece is a hair patch meant explicitly for covering a pushed-back hairline. This cost-effective, light-density hairpiece comes with 4-6'' of supreme quality soft fine Indian remy human hair with a glossy finish, giving you healthy-looking hair for a completely natural look. The FR115 has a flexible option of cutting down the size to get a smaller base according to your frontal hair loss area.

Try out our super comfortable, natural-looking FR111, a small hairpiece specially made to camouflage hair loss in the frontal hairline. Its soft, clear see-through thin-skin polyurethane base comes with v-looped 4-6'' high-quality soft fine regular Indian remy human hair strands without any knots. It allows you to carry out just about any frontal hairstyle with ease.

This light-density, cost-effective, small hair patch can be sized down to match the area of your frontal hair loss, providing much-needed coverage only where needed.

Let's explore various hairstyles that perfectly complement frontal hairpieces, allowing men to rock their new look with style and sophistication.

#1 The Royal Pompadour

The pompadour

The pompadour is a timeless hairstyle that makes a bold and stylish statement. With longer hair in the front and shorter sides, this style creates an iconic Elvis Prestley look that exudes confidence.

A high-quality frontal hairpiece like Superhairpieces’ FR115 can enhance the volume, texture, and height needed to achieve a grandeur of pomp, ensuring a smooth integration between your natural hair and the frontal hairpiece.

Comb the frontal hairpiece back using a blowdryer and a nylon double-looped brush to gently lift the hair upwards to create the pompadour effect. Our frontal hairpiece will provide the necessary density to make your pompadour stand out.

#2 The Contemporary Undercut


The undercut is a trendy and versatile haircut that pairs exceptionally well with frontal hairpieces. It suits the casual and formal look equally well.

When you use a long Swiss lace frontal hairpiece like our FR115, in combination with shaved sides and back, you get a seamless blend with a striking contrast that gives you a modern and edgy look.

Use a blow dryer and brush to style the longer hair on top, along with some texturizing spray to add volume to the top, enhancing the overall appearance of your undercut.

#3 The Slicked-Back Look

slicked-back hairstyle

The polished slicked-back hairstyle is a fantastic choice for any man seeking a sophisticated appearance. With a lace base frontal hairpiece like the FR115, you can get the best invisible natural hairline to complement your facial features, giving you a suave appearance. Lace bases allow the flexibility to move the knots around on the hairsystem, making them easy to style.

Apply a styling gel or pomade to your hair to achieve a firm hold and ensure your hairstyle stays in place throughout the day. Then, comb it straight back with a good brush that is gentle on your hair system to achieve a sleek and glossy finish.

The frontal hairpiece will ensure that your hair looks thick, making it a versatile option for both formal events and everyday wear.

#4 The Messy Quiff

slicked-back hairstyle

Hair patches or front hairpieces for men like our FR111 and messy quiffs are made for each other. Together they amp up your appearance, adding a dash of casual extravagance to your style.

Use a texturizing product to add definition and movement to your hair. The frontal hairpiece will provide the necessary height, density, and volume, giving your messy quiff a fuller and more substantial appearance.

#5 The Textured Side Part

slicked-back hairstyle

A skin base front hair patch like the FR111 helps create a clean, well-defined, and sharp-looking side part hairstyle. This well-balanced and elegant hairstyle has a timeless charm to it.

Style your hair to one side, creating a clean division with a comb or brush. The frontal hairpiece will provide the appearance of a fuller head of hair, giving you a dapper appearance and making you look no less than a superstar. The skin base helps to provide a completely natural look for you to part your hair on any side.

Maintenance Tips

To ensure your frontal hairpiece looks its best, follow these maintenance tips:

  • Regularly clean and condition your hairpiece with a hairpiece-friendly shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner to keep it looking fresh and natural.
  • Visit a professional hair stylist to properly trim and shape your natural hair to blend seamlessly with the hairpiece.
  • Use high-quality styling products and tools to maintain your hairpiece's hold, texture, and integrity.
  • Avoid excessive heat styling and harsh chemicals that may damage the hairpiece.

For men, frontal hairpieces have revolutionized how we approach hairstyling, offering a world of possibilities for those dealing with hair loss or receding hairlines. Embrace the opportunities modern hairpieces bring and explore the endless hairstyle options available to enhance your appearance and embrace your unique style.

Frontal hairpieces can make you rock any hairstyle with a panache.

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