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Effortless Tips for Styling Your Brand-New Hair System at Home

Effortless Tips for Styling Your Brand-New Hair System at Home

Posted by Santana Fell on Oct 24, 2023

With an increasing number of young males and teenagers experiencing receding hairlines, balding crowns, and hair loss, toupees for men are no longer hairpieces reserved only for older people.

Superhairpieces prides itself in catering to the hair loss and styling needs of men experiencing male pattern baldness or other genetic and medical conditions causing extreme hair loss. Our high-quality human hairpieces for men don't just specialize in covering bald heads and hair loss areas but also give people another chance at a full head of hair that can be manipulated into any style they prefer.

With a variety of men's hair systems, like toupees and wigs, that come in different base materials like thin skin hair systems, monofilament hair systems, and lace hair systems, at Superhairpieces, you get precisely what you are searching for.

However, getting your hands on the best hair systems for men does not mean it will look great on you. You will need to learn how to train it to your preferred hairstyle and appearance to wear a hair system that perfectly matches your face shape, giving you the look you most desire.

More often than not, you install a men's hairpiece but might think it doesn't look good; in fact, it's not what you pictured. Don't give up just yet. It's extremely common for brand-new men’s hair systems to appear either too fluffy or too flat initially because it takes some time for the unit to settle.

Wearing a non-surgical hair replacement system is a learning process and involves some trial and error before you get it right. Simultaneously, embracing a new human hair system can be a thrilling experience, as it offers a fresh look and boosts confidence.

While professional styling can work wonders, learning to style your hair system at home can be a game-changer. You can achieve a flawless look with simple techniques and the right tools.

Whether you want a natural hairline or a perfect blend with your existing hair, here are some invaluable tips to help you train and style your brand-new hair system confidently and quickly.

Understand Your Hair System

Hair System

If you are a new hair system user, you need to understand your hair styling needs and give your hair unit at least two weeks of training before you decide the particular unit is not for you.

When you wear a new human hair system, you may experience one of the two things. Your men's toupee may either appear too fluffy or too flat. There are pro solutions for both.

How do you train your hair?

"Training" the hair means to lay the hair strands in a certain way every day for the first two weeks so that the hair on your hair system gets set in that way.

What to do to flatten your fluffy hair system?

fluffy hair system

If you want to address a hair system that looks too fluffy, you can use products at home to train it. Our hair styling and hair replacement experts recommend using a flat iron to keep the hair flat and more tamed. However, do not over-style your system regularly, as this could also damage the hair system.

You must use a heat protectant spray and other hair styling products like gel, mousse, and pomade to get a more slick look.

To avoid fluff in your hair replacement systems, you must also avoid blow drying it. Instead, wash and air dry the hair unit. However, initially, you will need to blow dry it on low heat to set the hair.

To train a fluffy hair system, apply a leave-in conditioner to add weight when blow-drying your hair and then do the wrapping technique. This involves blow-drying the hair flat against the head until it de-fluffs. Then, use either a pomade or styling product to set the hair.

What to do if you have a flat-looking hair system?

flat-looking hair system

If your hair looks too flat, ask your stylist to add shorter layers to add volume and style to your hairpiece.

At home, you can also help by blow drying the hair using a round brush or your vent brush to lift the hair at the root. This helps give the hair a lot of body. Follow up with a leave-in conditioner for hairpieces. They add weight to the hair and keep it well moisturized and tamed.

Invest in Quality Products

Investing in high-quality hair care products is essential to maintain your hair system's shine, texture, and overall appearance. Look for shampoos, conditioners, and styling products specifically designed for use with hair systems. Avoid products containing harsh chemicals that can damage the hair or the base of the system. Opt for products that provide nourishment and protection to keep your hair looking vibrant and healthy.

Superhairpieces has a great range of hairpiece-specific hair care products to keep your alternate hair looking its best.

Experiment with Different Styles

Different hairstyles

One of the joys of having a hair system is the ability to experiment with various styles. Whether you prefer a sleek look or a more fluffy texture, take the time to explore different styling options that suit your preferences and lifestyle.

Refer to our online tutorials or consult our expert hair stylists for inspiration and guidance on achieving your desired look.

Styling your brand-new hair system at home can be a rewarding experience with the proper techniques and tools at your disposal. By understanding the intricacies of your hair system, investing in quality products, handling with care, and experimenting with various styles, you can confidently maintain a flawless and natural look. Remember that proper maintenance and gentle handling are the keys to extending the lifespan of your hair system and enjoying a seamless and stunning appearance every day.

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