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Do You Want Fuller, Thicker Hair? Try Hair Extensions

Do You Want Fuller, Thicker Hair? Try Hair Extensions

Posted by Superhairpieces on Apr 23, 2018

Are you sick of having your hair fall flat when you try to do something different to it? Do you struggle with stray hairs that fall out all the time, or don't know how to maintain volume?

Good news, with the right hair extensions, your styling routine can get a whole lot easier. This is the ultimate trick for thicker hair and beautiful, lasting looks.

Hair Extensions are transforming how all kinds of ladies wear their hair, and there's no reason for you to miss out! Here's how you can achieve the fuller, thicker hair you've always wanted by adding extensions to your natural locks.

Wearing Hair Extensions for Thicker Hair

When you hear "hair extensions" clip-ins probably aren't the first thing that comes to mind. Most people think extensions are heavy, expensive sewn-in options that you have to commit to for months on end. Although these options are available, clip-ins are a great alternative.

Think of buying clip-ins kind of like investing in a nice piece of clothing. They are a fun way to dress up and do something different, but you can just as easily rock your natural hair for a more laid-back look.

There's also a difference between wearing extensions for thicker hair and for longer hair. The following tips will help you get the most fullness, rather than length.

Placement Matters

To wear extensions for thicker hair, you have to place them somewhere in the middle of your head. You should never go above the ear with hair extensions. But, placing them too low, like above the neck or on the bottom layer of your hair, won't give you the thickness you're looking for.

The middle is the sweet spot. This allows hair extensions to blend with your natural hair in a way that looks like there aren't any extensions in at all. Instead, you can walk around looking like you just got the best blowout in town!

When thinking of placement, also consider how the ends of your hair flow with the ends of the extensions. You'll either end up with a lovely, layered look or something that looks a little off. Try to stagger your extensions a bit in order to create a more natural blend.

A Little Goes a Long Way

As you're clipping in your new hair extensions for thick hair, consider this - you may not need as many extensions as you think. The trick is to create a style that looks as effortless as possible.

Just a few extensions can be what your hair was missing to look nice and thick. Going overboard risks making the extensions the focus of your hairstyle, rather than a nice complement to your regular style. Avoid drawing more attention to your extensions than needed.

Styling Will Vary

Another thing to keep in mind is that no two extension styles will look alike. You and your best friend or even your sister can get the exact same extensions, but they will still look unique on both of you.

You can use others' hairstyles for inspiration and guidance, but at the end of the day, this is about your thicker hair, not anyone else's. Give yourself time to get used to wearing and styling extensions. This may make it hard to get ready on time at first.

After a bit of practice, you won't even notice your hair extensions as you're dressing up to leave the house.

Always Take Care of Your Hair

It's one thing to realize how to get fuller, thicker hair with extensions, and another to know how to take care of your hair extensions. Always take your extensions out at the end of the night. Comb through them like you would your regular hair, in order to prevent tangles and knots.

More importantly, pay close attention to the washing, styling, and drying instructions. Remember, the more products you put into your extensions, the more maintenance they will require. This is the same as your natural hair, which you should be working hard to treat well and maintain, too.

Styling Hair Extensions

Placement, removal, and maintenance are the basics of hair extensions. These are the first things you should focus on learning as you get used to such styling tools.

Then, shift your focus to the actual styling methods of natural hair and hair extensions. Whether you want full, bouncy curls or sleek, straight hair, there are certain things to keep in mind as you put a look together with hair extensions.

Loose and Lovely

Hair extensions are the perfect addition to your go-to, loose hairstyle. If you're the type of girl who loves letting her hair do its thing, it's time to discover how much better it can look with extensions.

Hair extensions add a certain thickness that no amount of volume or product can. They give your hair texture and life as you walk around letting it all hang down.

Half-up and Fully Thickened

Maybe you prefer a half-up look rather than having all your hair down. That's fine! There are still ways to hide your hair extension clips and achieve the thicker hair you're dreaming of.

Some ladies will actually pull back their half-pony or half-bun first. This makes it easier to insert hair extension clips in a way that looks natural.

Remember - the lower your hair extensions are, the less thickness they provide. You may have to make a smaller ponytail or bun than normal in order to place your extensions correctly.

Beautiful Braids and Ponytails with Body

As lovely as full locks look when they're worn down or halfway up, there are ways to achieve a thicker hair look while all your hair is pulled back, too.

Begin by placing your hair extensions in as normal. Then, pull everything all the way up for a ponytail or start working on a braid. Ponytails will be pretty simple to manage, and you can even do a wrap around or tease your hair for even more thickness.

Braids will be a little more complicated. Be careful of letting your clips be noticeable while making a French or Dutch braid. Even do a check for loose, standard braids, just to be safe!

Finding the Right Extensions for You

Ready to finally have the luscious locks you've been dreaming of? Thicker hair really is a few extensions away. These are amazing hair tools you can use for months or even years on end, which is way better than paying for a bunch of different products that don't work.

To get the look you've always wanted, click here to begin browsing human hair extensions (US & International) or If you are live in Canada click "Hair Extensions in Canada"

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