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Discover the Difference in Solvents

Discover the Difference in Solvents

Posted by Superhairpieces on Nov 19, 2020

 Solvents Chart

Find out the best adhesive remover solvent that works for you!


C22 Solvent is an Oil-based Citrus Fast-Acting solvent. It is a great cleaner for on the skin, and hair systems cleaning. It has a fresh smelling citrus fragrance and an easy clean up with soap and water. Works well with all hair systems and all adhesives.

Walker Solvent

This is one of the original solvents made by Walker. It is our most budget-friendly oil-based adhesive remover that we carry in our inventory. Can be used on all types of tape and soft-bond adhesives. You can use the solvent on both the hair system and scalp. However, it does not work as great as the C22 and/or the Rapid Release from Walker.

Lace Release

Breaks down the adhesive at a much slower rate than most of the removers in our inventory. However, it is an alcohol base which leaves no residue on the hair system or scalp, making the clean up much easier. The beauty of this product is that it allows the tape to be removed from delicate mesh and keeps the adhesive on the scalp for an easier removal rather than damaging the hair system. For a faster lace release, see Rapid Release.

Rapid release

Our fastest-acting solvent, ideal for solvent soaks. Rapid Release is an oil-based which means it will leave a residue on the hair system. It is not meant to be used on the skin, but rather a soak for the hair system to remove any tough adhesive left behind. Perfect for cleaning adhesive on tools as well.


This is a 2-in-1 Scalp Cleanser and Sanitizer formulated for sensitive skin. This time and cost-effective solvent has excellent lifting power to remove the adhesive from the hair system. The alcohol and oil-free formula make cleanup quick and easy, and it is still very gentle on the skin without compromising its potent cleaning power. Additionally, this nontoxic cleanser has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that neutralize odors.


This is a newly developed adhesive remover and scalp cleanser that detaches lace fronts easily. This innovative formula is safe, non-toxic, fast-acting, and gentle on the skin. It is suitable for professional salons as well as hair wearers to use at home. Alcohol-free, non-irritating formula is safe even if it gets into the eyes or mouth. KP Lace Release is a Oil-free formula leaves no-residue and for minimal cleanup.


Not to be used on the skin. Great for removing Ghost Bond products however can be used on all adhesives. Removes all residue while protecting the hair system from damage. Keeps your hair system free from grease and oil residue to enhance the adhesion process with re-applications.

Ultra Safe

This Ultra Safe Adhesive Remover is formulated specifically for sensitive skin in mind. The Ultra Safe formula from Pro Hair Labs has been specifically developed as an adhesive remover for skin and is free from any harmful chemicals, toxins or other damaging ingredients. Also helps soothe and protect the scalp in the process. Ultra Safe is an all-natural, bio-degradable adhesive remover for use on the scalp only. It is designed not to affect the PH balance of the scalp, unlike all citrus and alcohol removers. For lace systems spray directly on top, for poly systems must spray underneath the poly.

MAX ReMove

Adhesive Remover is an all-natural adhesive remover that is safe for scalp use. A salon favorite for removing sticky glue & adhesive residue from the base and scalp. This has instantly become one of our top-rated citrus-based adhesive removers in our supplies inventory. It is 100% organic, biodegradable and the citrus-based just makes clean-up a breeze. No harsh chemicals used which makes it very gentle on the skin.

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