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Discover Men’s Contour for Hair Replacement Systems

Discover Men’s Contour for Hair Replacement Systems

Posted by Superhairpieces on Sep 03, 2020

We all know realistically there’s no one size fits all hair system that fits perfectly for everyone.

That’s why we here at Superhairpieces offer many hair systems that are designed to fit just about anybody.

One of the key features is having different contour sizes for many base designs.

If you don’t know which contour you might be, we always suggest to seek a professional consultant that can help you find the right contour. But if you already know your contour head on down to see which base would work best for you!


At Superhairpieces, we offer 3 contours in our hair replacement system for men. Shallow, Regular & Deep.

Discover Men’s Contour for Hair Replacement Systems


Shallow Men’s non-surgical hair replacement systems


men's hair replacement systems
Deep Men’s Contour Hair Systems

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