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Different Types of Perms

Different Types of Perms

Posted by Superhairpieces on Jul 27, 2020

Ever wondered how people achieve such different curls on their hair system. Well there’s actually a few methods that hair stylists use to make the curls and waves fit right for the client. So we decided to search the top and most popular types of perms and implement it in our custom ordering system!

Now you can request the following types of perms:

  • Standard
  • Spiral
  • Halo
  • Piggy Back

Rectangular Perm

Rectangular Perm (Default Perm)



This perm is the basic perm method that we use often at Superhairpieces. It is our default perm at the factory and in-house. This perm provides a uniform curl throughout the hair. The technique rolls the hair in a horizontal manner and on a single layer. Which means that no rods are overlapping each other. The rods are permed going backwards front to back. The main reason people like this type of curl is to just add that volume with a more subtle look.





Spiral Perm




 A spiral perm is the opposite from the standard perm method in a sense it is rolled in a vertical manner. This is also a single layer technique that provides that uniformity in the curls throughout the hair. There are two ways to do a spiral perm, one is to have it over lap each other in a single layer where the ends are loose or to perm it all to the head. Regardless of which way, The style of this perm will achieve a bouncy and cork-screw curl.





Halo Perm




A halo perm is similar to the basic perm method in a sense it is rolled in the same manner, horizontal and single layered. The difference is that the rods are rolled across the front of the head as opposed to going back. The style of this perm will create a more even curl going in a horizontal way.






Piggy Back Perm




Can be a mix of the perm methods above. This is mainly used on longer hair to get a more even curl from top to bottom. But, this method can be used on any lengths. It requires at least two layers of rods lying above each other. You can perm the hair horizontally or vertically, sometimes even both ways depending on the style you want. You can create different curl patterns mixing the different methods.



If you want to know about the perm cost? Visit our website for more information, (US & International) (CAN)

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