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Different Poly Types using our Terminology

Different Poly Types using our Terminology

Posted by Superhairpieces on Feb 25, 2019

Know the difference of poly vs lace hair system!

So many options. How do I know which poly type is right for me?

At Superhairpieces, there are 4 types of poly materials we use in the factory. - Clear Poly, Poly Paint, Glass Silk, and Poly Coating.

If you are familiar with some of our bases then you would know some of these differences. But for those new to the industry or are looking for a new unit, this is definitely going to be an educational read worth every second of your time!

Let’s start with Clear Poly.

Clear Poly is pure polyurethane material. This is what we use to make our skin bases and our skin poly perimeters. The hair is directly knotted onto the poly and is sealed off by layers of more clear poly. The thickness of the poly will determine durability and invisibility. The thinner the clear poly is, the more natural it looks on the skin. However, this makes it less durable. In fact, if you purchase something like an M111, you must pay extra care removing the unit from the plastic mold as it may easily rip. But the M111 is so thin, it looks like real skin!

The following are units that use clear poly with their thickness level.

3-4 mils ultra super thin

M111, is the the thinnest skin base & it requires only v-looped knotting


5-6 mils super thin

HD111, is a few layers more than the M111. This is also v-looped knotting

M161, is a skin base with a french lace front

M162, is a lace base that uses clear poly only in front.

8mils thin

M101, is a full skin base and is the thickest offered in stock

M108, is a mono top that has a skin front

M118, is a lace base with scalloped inner clear poly at the back

M121, is a full skin base made with European injected hair

M158, is a skin base with four lace windows.

M159, is a lace base with poly perimeter, but only the front part is clear poly


12 mils medium

M100, is a mono top with a skin perimeter

M104, M109, W8 uses the same clear poly as the M100, except it has a lace front

M100                                          M108 front                        Skin bases

m100 mono top hair systemm108 mono top hair systemSkin bases hair system

Next is Poly Paint.

Poly paint is clear poly painted on lace. To have a better understanding, layers of clear poly are rolled onto the lace to create the poly perimeter. The hair is knotted directly onto the lace material and then the layer of poly seals the knots in. This type of poly perimeter makes adding clips, tape, or glue easy without compromising the lace areas. Some people really love this option on their lace bases because it makes cleaning more efficient. When trying to remove any tape, the poly areas prevents any ripping of the lace at the edges. This adds more durability on the lace units.

The following are units that use poly paint .


M106 & M106L, are french lace bases that have Poly Paint on the sides and back.

M116, is swiss lace with Poly Paint on the sides and back

*** 3-4 mils for ultra thin options in custom orders.



lace hair system

Now we’ll discuss Poly Coating.

Poly coating, is the thickest poly used on the systems. It is so thick, it almost feels like plastic on the unit, but it definitely makes the unit very durable. It requires a glass silk (extra super fine silk) material infused with layers of polyurethane. The silk material is the main reason why the poly does not look clear. It is usually glued or stitched on a lace. Typically, the mono lace is the most popular lace material that uses this type of poly. The hair is knotted directly onto the lace material and then sealed off by poly coating. The units both use the glue and stitching to give extra durability to the mono tops that carry the poly coating feature.

The following are units that use poly coating .


14-16 mils

M102 & M112, are mono tops that have a poly coating perimeter. However, since the poly is so thick and not as natural, a ⅛” folded lace front is added to the system.

M108, is a mono top that uses poly coating only in back part. As mentioned before, the front is a clear poly.


M102/M112                                      M108

poly coating hair systempoly coating hair system

Lastly, we will discuss glass silk.

Glass silk, is actually a pretty interesting poly method to create a poly skin look but with a lot more durability. It is clear poly paint with a layer of ultra super fine silk mono in between layers very thin layers. It is more durable than clear poly (skin poly), but much more natural looking than poly coating. You almost have the best of both worlds with this type of poly.

The only unit that uses this type of poly is the back of the M159 which is about 8-10 mils thick.



poly hair system

Another, base that uses glass silk is the M107. However, the poly on the M107 is called the beveled edge poly that uses the technique of the glass silk embedded in between layers of the lace material and clear poly. The thickest part of the unit is 14 mils and decreased to 8 mils as the layers start to reduce. To make it easier to understand, the picture below best describes these layers.

fine welded mono lace hair system

In choosing a poly that best serves your needs, you really need to look into whether you need poly or not and then look into prioritizing having more durability vs looking more natural. Having poly perimeters does make cleaning and attaching easier, and adds durability especially to the finer lace materials. That is why poly is really important to most wearers. Deciding on which poly best suits you can be overwhelming to decide, but educating yourself in the differences will definitely help in deciding which one suits your needs best.

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