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Difference between Easy Green Tape Vs Lace Front Tape (Blue)

Difference between Easy Green Tape Vs Lace Front Tape (Blue)

Posted by Superhairpieces on Apr 05, 2019

Easy Green Tape Vs Lace Front Tape blue

How much better is Easy Green compared to the popular blue tape?

The hair industry is full of the newest and latest trends. From wigs & toupees to extensions. With these trends come hair care products that have to be just as good and/or even better! Here at Superhairpieces, we are constantly keeping up to date with the latest trends, and that includes providing clients with the best hair care products to care for their systems. So when SHP heard of this new lace tape on the market by Walker, we just had to try it for ourselves!

Since we started carrying this tape in our product line, we keep receiving amazing reviews. Most of the reviewers stated that it was even better than the blue tape, and it held even longer. Never knowing what this tape was capable of, we just had to find out for ourselves.

Super Blue Liner Lace Front Tape

So what makes Easy Green better than the typical Lace Front (Blue) tape?

For starters, the traditional blue tape has a strong hold and gentle wear on lace. It is well known for its famous dull finish that stylists love so much. Clients enjoy the blue tape for its odorless, bacteria-resistant, and hypoallergenic formula. It has been the best tape for lace systems in the market for quite some time. Walker has definitely done a great job producing such quality tape for years and they just keep getting better. Just like many other companies booming in the industry, one is always trying to provide top notch quality products, inventing the new and reinventing the old. Walker was undoubtedly one of those companies when they came out with the Easy Green tape.

Easy Green tape provides all the benefits of the blue tape plus more! It is the newest maximum wear tape. It minimizes damages to any vulnerable lace base system by making tape applications easy to apply and remove (this will definitely help dial down the pressure of handling such delicate materials).

Easy Green Tape

But what really makes the difference?!

Well for one, it does not stretch out like the blue tape when it gets stuck to fingers and/or scissors during application. It has a stiff backing that can withstand occasional mistakes and ensures that the tape can be removed in one solid piece. Best of all it does not bleed into a system. That’s right, no messy tape seeping in through the lace, making cleaning more efficient and effective. Again, reminding you that this will help minimize the damages on those delicate lace materials.

Since Easy Green is much easier to clean, it requires less cleaning products upon removal. This will certainly keep systems more in-tact and increase the lifespan of the lace. It also saves you from using multiple unnecessary cleaning products. Every little bit counts! But Walker did not stop there, nope they continued to provide clients an even better incentive to use this high quality product. They made it as budget friendly as the blue tape. That’s right, higher quality option and more cost-effective than the blue tape.

Lace Front Blue Tape

Still deciding if the Easy Green is right for you?

No worries, we understand! Walker has developed an easy chart to showcase the differences below.

Chart of Easy Green Tape Vs Lace Front Blue Tape

Blue Tape

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