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Catch great price drops on wigs and hair toppers at Superhairpieces

Catch great price drops on wigs and hair toppers at Superhairpieces

Posted by Superhairpieces on Oct 20, 2022

Superhairpieces has always prided itself on offering the most competitive and affordable prices for its high quality and 100% human hair toupees, wigs and hairpieces. One of the major reasons why we are able to offer such great prices is the fact that we have our own factory in China, which ships products to our warehouses in Florida and Mississauga. As a result, this eliminates any middle man or party with no need for our hairpiece prices to be further inflated.

However, regular customers will have noticed a price increase in recent years. Unfortunately, this was unavoidable, but the good news is Superhairpieces is currently reducing prices for certain products, with plans to reduce even more in the near future…without any special sales!

Why did prices increase?

The COVID-19 pandemic affected a number of industries around the world in 2020, and that included the hair replacement industry. Factories shut down in China which meant there were no workers to work on new stock and custom orders. Additionally, the price of materials and supplies went up. As a result, many hair suppliers had to temporarily shut down or pause operations.

Superhairpieces was also affected, however, we were better prepared than most. We still had plenty of inventory in our Florida and Mississauga locations in the early stages of the pandemic, while we were also the first to return to the market with the introduction of our Basic series models.

Although not the exact quality as our regular stock hairpieces, these models were produced with faster production times without compromising on overall performance. In many cases, our Basic models — which are slightly more affordable — ended up being more popular than our regular stock models.

With that said, no company was left unscathed by the effects of the pandemic, and with inevitable increased costs for supplies and materials, Superhairpieces eventually had to increase the prices for many of its regular hairpieces as well, particularly women’s hairpieces.

Which products currently have price drops?

price drops on women’s hairpieces

The good news is Superhairpieces is currently offering price drops for certain women’s hairpieces where you can save up to $120!

Those mainly include some of our newer hair toppers such as the P41LBSC16 that uses regular human hair as well as the TL6814 and P6814HP top pieces that are made with premium Chinese Remy human hair. All of these toppers are great options for women dealing with thinning hair or bald spots, and who need beautiful and natural-looking hair to blend in with their own hair and achieve a fuller, more voluminous look.

What price drops can Superhairpieces customers further expect?

At the time of writing, we only currently offer price drops for the aforementioned women’s hair toppers. Hair toppers are a great solution, but they don’t work for everyone, especially women who are at a more advanced level of hair loss or balding. What we can reveal is that further price drops are being planned for other hair toppers as well as our women’s wigs in the near future.

“We chose to decrease the price for certain toppers from each base type to make our hairpieces more affordable,” says Winnie, product manager. “Hopefully, we will gradually decrease the prices for more of our women’s hairpieces in the next year.”

If you prefer not to wait, there are other options. We are also currently offering 10% off men’s custom orders and 15% off women’s custom orders. It’s only possible to have this promotion because we are working hard on pushing down the prices of our hairpieces even lower. Our goal is to have this promotion last a while before eventually leading to another price drop event.

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