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Best Human Hair Wigs for Women

Best Human Hair Wigs for Women

Posted by Superhairpieces on Jan 11, 2021

We offer a wide selection of women’s wigs and prices will vary depending on hair quality, length of hair, color of hair, and even the base materials used.

Below is a list of the different wigs offered at Superhairpieces.


The only wig we offer that is a full lace human hair wig, is the Hollywood. The Hollywood is a full swiss lace unit that can be cut down to almost any size. The density is light on our Hollywood wig and it is mainly used for the film industry sector.

However, it is one of our most popular wigs and many stylists love to use it when they are integrating it with wefts.

SILICONE WIGS (Medical Wigs)

We have a few different types of silicone wigs. They are made with various materials and the placement of the silicone differs as well. Wigs like the Fiona have a better suction that allows the wig to really adhere to the skin. Wigs like Coco are designed to be more natural looking with a diamond lace front and thinner lines of the silicone to create a non-slip effect.


Our mono top wigs are one of the most durable wigs in our inventory. The mono top allows the wig maker to add plenty of hair to create a fuller density wig. The weft mono top wigs such as the Rose, are designed with weft hair. This means rows of weft hair are tied to the back of the base. The downside to this is that in between the wefts there are spaces where there is no hair. However, the wefts are sewn on a stretchable material which, of course, allows space for size variances. It also allows room for customization. Some stylists love to use this type of wig to add more wefts at the back in different tones to create a highlight effect for their clients.


The Hand Tied mono tops have the same durability as the weft mono top wigs. The only difference between them is that the hair is sewn directly on the base of the Hand Tied mono tops. This means every hole in this hair system is knotted with 3 to 4 strands of hair. Hand Tied mono tops such as the Monica, has always been a favourite within the industry because it covers the entire base. The downside is that the hair will shed a lot faster due to the knots loosening as it rubs against the scalp creating friction. In a weft mono top, the wefts are machine sewn a few times over so the knots stay in place.


French top wigs are designed to be like a Jewish wigs and/or Kosher wigs. At Superhairpieces, although our wigs, like the Maya, are designed to be the same as a Kosher wig, they are not certified as Kosher wigs. French top wigs are designed to help disguise the knots and not have any knots shown on the top of the base and underneath it.

The top part of a french top wig has about 3 layers of material. This is what is described as an injected silk base. The top layer is where the hair will initially go through and then the middle layer is where the hair will actually be knotted. The best part of this is that when the hair is knotted in the middle layer, the hair at the end of the knot stays in the middle layer, therefore you will not see any short hairs at the top of the base. Then, the final layer covers all the knots, which is great for those who have sensitive skin. The bottom of the base is covered by a silk layer so there is no friction on the knots which creates a longer lasting wig. The downside to this wig is that the three layers can make the wig hot to wear. So, if you find that you tend to warm up more quickly during the summer this would not be a great choice for you.

At Superhairpieces, we strive for quality with affordability. However, we always encourage wearers to do their best to research what’s best for them. If you need more consultation with our women's wigs please , visit our website at Superhairpieces (US & International) or (CAN)


You can also contact us at 1-866-814-7879 or email at to set up your virtual appointment.

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