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All You Need To Know About V-looped Skin Hair Systems

All You Need To Know About V-looped Skin Hair Systems

Posted by Superhairpieces on Nov 15, 2023

While browsing our unbeatable collection of high-quality men’s hair systems, you will surely come across V-looped skin base hair units like the HD111. It is one of Superhaipieces’ best-selling hair systems, courtesy of its unbelievably realistic appearance.

V-looped hair systems offer a natural hairline, making them a favourite among toupee users. What is a v-looped hair unit? Fret not. We realize that understanding such technical jargon could be a setback for people new to hair replacement systems.

Here is everything you need to know about a v-looped hair system.

What is a V-loop?

What is V Loop

V-loop is a technique used in hair systems to create a natural-looking hairpiece. This method involves each hair strand being pulled or looped into the base of the hair system, making a U-turn and bringing it up through the base again, forming a V-shape. This results in two strands appearing per V-loop from one single human hair strand, allowing the hair to move naturally and blend in with the wearer’s bio hair.

At Superhairpieces, we use a special glue formula to seal the V-loop on the top, which makes our hairpiece systems last longer than others in the industry. Our V-loop technique is often used for creating natural-looking hairlines and part lines in hair systems, which makes them a popular choice among those who want a realistic-looking hair replacement solution.

How is a V-loop beneficial to the hair system wearer?

Benefits of V loop

Since this technique is usually used only on skin base or thin skin hair systems, it provides the most natural-looking hairline as there are no knots. At Superhairpieces, the hairline handcrafted with a V-loop ventilation method delivers a seamlessly structured natural hair appearance.

So, if you want a hairpiece that has an undetectable look with the full skin base having a knotless effect, you know that you need to get yourself a V-looped hair system. They are lightweight and make the hair on your head look as natural as your own hair, which makes blending both a breeze.

Summarizing the features that give V-loop bases an edge over the others:

  • V-loops are used on the entire system or in the front or back of the alternative hair unit to provide an extremely natural appearance with realistic hairlines.
  • This method does not tie or knot the hair strands. Instead, they are looped into the base so that no visible knots are shown. This allows you to part your hair any way you like without anyone noticing that you are wearing a hair system.
  • The V-looped hair design can be created on super thin bases. This makes it seem like the hair strands are coming from your scalp.

Ultra-thin skin base V-looped hairpieces are easy to use and maintain

Thin skin-based hair systems are not meant to be durable. They are made to give the best natural look.

Unfortunately, natural look and durability don't go hand-in-hand. While V-looped non-surgical hair replacement systems might look better, knotted hair units tend to last longer.

But, with the right maintenance, you can improve their lifespan, giving you extended use of the unit. Their durability is just a suggested optimal use. It should not be a reason you don't opt to look your best.

Things to keep in mind when using V loop hair system

The hair volume on these pieces is light-density, giving it a perfectly natural look, but this makes preserving most of the hair on the unit even more important.

Follow these tips for proper care of your v-looped hairpiece for maximum lifespan. Don't let them intimidate you. They are super easy to use, and you will get used to it in no time.

  • V-looped hairpieces are delicate, so brush them gently.
  • Limit washing v-looped men’s hair systems to once a week, as wetting the base increases the risk of hair shedding.
  • Don't pull, rub, or squeeze the hair strands.
  • When washing the hair on such units, avoid using hot water. You can use cold or lukewarm water instead.
  • Don't soak these hairpieces for men in water. You can spritz water on the hair strands to avoid excess water on the base.
  • Avoid stretching the base when placing the hair on a styrofoam head or wig stand.
  • Avoid using hair products like conditioners at the roots. Shampoos are to be limited to a small quantity. You want to prevent the roots from slipping and sliding out of the base.
  • You can clean the system when attached to your head, but removing it at least once a month is suggested for proper cleaning and maintenance.
  • Avoid brushing when your hair system is wet; this might lead to hair shedding. Instead, wait for it to be slightly moist, then comb it and apply a leave-in conditioner spray for a well-moisturized look. Either air-dry your v-looped human hair system for men or use a blow dryer in a low-heat setting.
  • After a while, the front hairline might look frayed; ask your stylist to carefully trim the front a bit and touch up your hair color to extend its lifespan and give a refreshed look.
  • Avoid coloring the unit yourself, as it might ruin the base and the system as a whole. However, you can practice coloring on an older unit till you perfect the technique.

Remember that some shedding is normal for v-looped hair systems, so don't worry if you see some loose strands.

When it comes to using hair systems, maintenance is key. Each v-looped hair system can last 3-6 weeks to give you an unbeatable natural look. The unit might last much longer than the suggested time, but you will eventually start seeing more shedding and other problems if not maintained well.

Now that you are crystal clear on the concept of V-looped skin base hair systems, order from our range of V-looped hair replacement systems that come in different hair colors and gray percentages to provide you with a picture-perfect look.

With a durability of about 4-6 weeks (depending on how well you maintain them), these invisible V-loops are available in some of the thinnest skin bases in the world! Try our best-selling M111 or HD111 to experience a transforming look with a completely natural hairline.

Explore our bestselling v-loop hair systems:


M111 is one of our most sought-after Men’s Toupees with the thinnest clear skin base of 3-4 mils (1 mil =1/1000 inch). This soft disposable hairsystem comes with a large base measuring 8"x10" (it can be cut down to any size). It gives an entirely invisible hairline with v-looped hair strands, making this hair system next to impossible to notice. With 6-inch high-quality Indian Remy human hair, this hair replacement system looks too good to be true.


The HD111 hair system is similar to the M111 in terms of being made with one of the thinnest clear skin bases in the world. They have 6-inch high-quality soft fine Indian Remy hair placed on the base with the v-looped technique that makes the hair system look entirely natural. However, this hair system has 15%-20% more hair than the M111 and is a hit with our clients.

Note: These are our best-selling v-looped hair systems for a natural look, but remember that they are disposable, one-time-use hair systems that last for 3-6 weeks, depending on maintenance.

Check out our M101 men’s hair system if you want a more durable unit.

Two other fantastic v-loop hair systems to consider are:

M162 - This hair system has a super soft Swiss Lace base with a 1" clear see-through thin-skin poly base front with V-Loop hair. It also has 6-inch freestyle Indian Remy hair for you to showcase a natural, seamless look.

M161V - This super soft clear see-through thin-skin polyurethane base (5 mils) hair system with V-Loop hair strands comes with a 1/2" Swiss lace front that makes this natural-looking hair system a must-try.

We promise a completely natural look with each of our v-looped hair systems. They are truly worth it! Don't trust us; check out what our users say. Some of Superhairpieces’ clients have even used the unit far beyond its lifespan and are still happy with the results.

Check out some of our reviews online:

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