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The Difference in Thickness of Our Skin Bases

The Difference in Thickness of Our Skin Bases

Posted by Superhairpieces on Jun 07, 2019


At Superhairpieces, we definitely get the common question on our skin bases. What’s the difference in thickness, durability, and which one is more natural than the other?

This blog will answer all the questions you need to know about the many full skin bases we offer.

Let’s start with the first question!

What is the difference in thickness?

Our stock skin bases are measured in mils.Well how thick is just 1 mils?! When compared to an inch, let’s just say it takes about 1000 mils to make an inch. We know the math is a ridiculous thing and you’re probably aren’t looking to do these types of calculations anyways.

So we developed a chart on how thick is really thick.

Thickness of Base in Mils Compared to:
10-12 mils 2-3 sheets of regular printing paper
8 mils most thickest skin base 1 sheet of regular printing paper
5 mils 3 layers of saran wrap
 4mils 2 layers of saran wrap
3 mils our thinnest skin base 1 layer of saran wrap

Let’s head down to the next few questions.

Which skin base is the most durable and which one is more natural looking than the other?

We decided to combine these two questions into one answer because it goes hand-in-hand with each other.

Typically you really need to ask yourself what is most important to you between these two factors: Durability or more natural looking?

If you want more durability, you’re going to lose out on a more natural looking units and vice versa.

With our skin bases, the M101 is the most durable unit because of its thickness and the amount of hair it can hold. However, compared to our most thinnest skin base the M111, it doesn’t match up to its natural look. Unfortunately, the M111 doesn’t last as long as the M101. So you really lose out on a durability.

In fact, the M111 is a disposable unit. Which means, once you take it off there’s a huge chance the unit will rip. You would have to buy a new one, every time. With the M111 made so thin, it cannot have regular knotting either. It is made with V-loop knots which easily sheds. That is why any v-loop units such as the M111 and HD111 is not part of the Superhairpieces hair loss warranty.

Bummer right? Say the least the M111 and HD111 are the most natural looking skin units in stock. It is made so thin that the moment you place it on it blends on like it’s natural skin. How amazing is that?!

Below you can see how much of a difference it is. Even under the base you can see that the M101 is really sealed in and the knots are apparent. The M111 is as if the hair just went through one end to the other. With no knots showing at all! If you want to enlarge the photo to take a better look, just right click on the picture and click on open with new window or tab.

Check out our knotting blog for more information on knots we use for our stock units.

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