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7 Most Remarkable Queen Charlotte’s Wigs

7 Most Remarkable Queen Charlotte’s Wigs

Posted by Santana Fell on Jun 04, 2024

Golda Rosheuvel as Queen Charlotte was such a driving force in Bridgerton that the audience couldn't get enough of her. So much so that the makers just had to give in and quench our thirst with Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.

Queen Charlotte quickly became one of Bridgerton's most loved and talked-about characters. People love her sass, sneers, and expressions and are, of course, mesmerized by her glorious, magnanimous wigs.

The Queen’s wigs are a character in themselves. Her penchant for wigs of all colours and sizes is commendable. Saying we are hooked on her splendid wigs is one thing, but being so fascinated that we delve deep to uncover their hidden meaning is something else altogether!

Well, you asked for it, and here we are, serving some of Queen Charlotte’s epic wig looks from Bridgerton and her own royal series.

The Regal Beauty and Symbolism of Queen Charlotte’s Wigs

Queen Charlotte’s extravagant choice of wigs is not just a fashion statement but also contains deep symbolism and detailing that fans ought to be aware of.

Queen Charlotte’s wigs, as portrayed in the Netflix series Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, represent her role, personality, and the regal era's cultural nuances.

Let's explore the fascinating world of Queen Charlotte’s wigs, highlighting the top 7 choices and their meanings.

Heart-shaped Wig

Heart-shaped wig

Queen Charlotte's heart-shaped cave wig was a testament to the symbol of love, compassion, and the profoundly personal connections she cherished. This wig, meticulously crafted in a perfect heart shape, represented her commitment to her role as a monarch and caretaker of the nation's heart, showcased by her match-making spirit throughout the Bridgerton seasons and her constant push for marriage with her own children. Not forgetting her love-hate relationship with her king. The lady, indeed, has a heart with a lot of space for love, even if it might seem otherwise!

Moving Swans Wig

Swan wig

By far the most captivating, elaborate wig of all seasons, the wig with crystal swans moving inside is a work of wonder and a first of its kind. It depicts a serene landscape with metallic branches and crystal leaves framing one side of the wig cave.

This wig was a marvel of craftsmanship and a vivid representation of her love for nature and art. The moving motorized swans wig is perhaps the most magical and enchanting of her choices. Equipped with intricate mechanisms, this wig featured delicate swan figures that appeared to glide gracefully across a shimmering, water-like surface. The swans, symbols of grace, beauty, and marital fidelity, mirror the theme of Penelope Featheringtons’s transformation from a wallflower to a mature eligible spinster in Bridgerton season 3.

Ribbon Wig

Ribbon wig

This ribbon wig's hallmarks were simplicity and elegance, but so was its weight. Deemed to be one of the heaviest wigs worn in the series, it eschewed the more common extravagant decorations for a more exotic look with an extra flair.

The wig is said to have been embellished with about 220 individual ribbons of hair, symbolizing the unity and binding of her country and family through her strategic alliance with the King– a historically daring initiative called the Great Experiment. This classic wig showcases a more personal, approachable aspect of her monarchy. It highlights the Queen's more subtle yet equally impactful influences on the social fabric of the ton.

The Towering Floral Masterpiece

Flower wig

Queen Charlotte's affection for elaborate gardens and beautiful flowers is iconically manifested in these floral wigs. Laden with a variety of real and silk flowers, this wig was a walking botanical exhibit. Each flower was chosen for its symbolism—roses for love, violets for loyalty, and orchids for fertility—making the floral wig a fragrant bouquet of deeper meaning. She wears it when she speaks to her children to bear kids for the monarchy's future.

The extreme right pic is of a floral wig. The blooming flowers are a subtle tribute to her younger self, who endured the suppression of a male-dominated society where a woman, even if she is queen, can only do so much regarding her life choices. This wig stands out for its audacious height and the intricate incorporation of roses in the most elaborate yet daring interpretation. The floral elements could signify fertility and growth, mirroring the Queen's role in nurturing and shaping societal trends through deeds like picking a diamond for the season.

Jewelled Wig

Jewelled wig

Throughout the series, Queen Charlotte is seen wearing a lot of wigs, many embellished with jewels. The jewelled wigs are a dazzling display of wealth, power, and the vast riches of the monarchy. Adorned with precious stones, pearls, and metals, they symbolize the crown's permanence, stability, and unyielding strength. From lavish crowns to pearl-encrusted wigs, Queen Charlotte dominates each look.

In this particular look, her embellishments represent stars to have a calming effect on her star-loving husband on their marriage day.

Blue Wig

Blue wig

The image of the blue wig encompasses more than just a burst of vibrant colour atop her majesty’s head; it's a statement of boldness and self-expression. The blue wig commands attention and speaks volumes about the wearer's willingness to stand out and be unique; after all, she was the first of her kind!

The queen is known never to repeat her wigs. Each episode keeps us eagle-eyed, waiting to see her new wig styles, and she does not disappoint! This blue wig matches her gown and maybe even speaks her heart about her estranged relationship with her husband, the king.

Christmas Wig

Christmas wig

This wig has such a glorious history behind it! Queen Charlotte is seen wearing this wig while instructing her staff to decorate the Christmas tree with bright decorations. Kudos to the hair team for designing the wigs to depict such intricate details to keep in line with the theme of the episodes.

Besides being considerable and commanding attention because the wig resembles a Christmas tree, it is a tribute to the original Queen Charlotte, who is said to have introduced the Christmas tree festivities to England.

Wigs go beyond mere fashion statements; they can be used to express oneself and feel more confident in one’s own skin. Queen Charlotte’s wigs Were laden with symbolism and reflect her complex role within the Bridgerton universe. Each piece is carefully curated by its makers, who deserve all the credit for such powerful manifestations through the hair.

As Bridgerton continues to captivate audiences worldwide, it’s clear that the queen’s wigs will remain a subject of fascination and interpretation, much like the series itself.

If you, too, are looking to create an elaborate wig for cosplay, fashion shows, your YouTube channel, or anywhere else you might need a great-quality wig at an affordable price, Superhairpieces Wigs is your best bet.

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