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5 Tips For V-Loop Disposable Thin Skin Hair Systems

5 Tips For V-Loop Disposable Thin Skin Hair Systems

Posted by Santana Fell on Mar 06, 2024

V-loop skin base hair systems are among the most sought-after hairpieces for men, courtesy of their extremely natural look and unbelievably realistic hairline. It is no wonder that skin base v-loop toupees like the HD111 are among the bestselling units at Superhairpieces.

Our top users, like Rick Douglas, swear by these hair systems that provide a transformed appearance and are, quite frankly, very easy to use. It just takes a little getting used to initially.

Rick has gained a considerable following of toupee users and beginners at hair systems, all thanks to his incredibly natural-looking HD111 V-loop poly skin hair system that he seems almost devoted to. His good looks and hair-styling techniques are, of course, an added bonus.

If you, too, are a v-loop hair system user or are planning to take the plunge and start using hair systems for men, we suggest you read this blog for insider tips and suggestions that can extend the longevity of your disposable skin base v-loop hair systems.

If you are new to the world of hair systems, let us help you understand it better.

What is a V-Loop?


V-loop is a technique used in the production of hair systems to create a natural-looking wig or toupee for men. This method involves pulling or looping each hair strand into the base of the hair system, making a U-turn, and bringing it up through the base again, forming a V-shape in the process. This results in two strands appearing per V-loop from a single human hair strand, allowing the hair to move naturally and blend in with the wearer’s bio hair.

Why is V-Loop important for a natural-looking hair system?

Hair Pieces for Men

V-loop hair systems are knotless. Most hair systems have different knotting techniques that bind the hair to the base. These knots, though small, are visible on the hair system. This is where v-loop units differ. Since they are only ‘looped,’ they do not come with knots on the same, and this, in turn, gives the hair system a look as natural as bio hair coming straight out from our scalp.

The successful marriage of the v-loop technique with poly skin base hair systems delivers lightweight, seamless, super thin skin hairpieces that become the talk of the town!

5 pro tips you need to know for a V-loop skin base hair system

V-loop thin skin base hair systems are disposable units meant to last only for a short duration of about 3-6 weeks for optimal use.

However, some users like Rick take good care of their thin base hair systems and have vouched for it, saying it lasts even longer. But keep in mind that this is only possible if you are extremely careful with these delicate units and maintain them with tender love and care. Even Rick, an expert user of the HD111 unit, ripped his system a few times during removal. This is because they are built to provide an uber-natural appearance but, unfortunately, not durability. It is common knowledge among hair systems users that natural look and durability do not go hand in hand.

Follow these tips to add to the longevity of your V-loop unit:

1. Brushing

V-Looped Hair System

V-looped hairpieces are delicate, so brush them gently with a wide-tooth comb or looped bristle brush. Remember that some shedding is normal for v-looped hair systems, so don't worry if you see some loose strands. However, don't pull or squeeze the hair strands while brushing or otherwise. Most importantly, never comb the hair on these units when they are wet. Instead, wait for it to be slightly moist, then comb it and apply a leave-in conditioner spray for a well-moisturized look.

2. Washing

Limit washing v-looped men’s hair systems to once a week or, better still, once in two weeks. When washing the hair on such units, avoid using hot water. You can use cold or lukewarm water instead. Don't soak these hairpieces for men in water. Instead, you can spritz water on the hair strands to avoid excess water on the base. Shampoos are to be limited to a small quantity only on the hair. Never rub your hair while washing to avoid matting. Avoid using hair products like conditioners at the roots, as that leads to the hair slipping and sliding out of the base.

3. Drying

Avoid stretching the base when placing the hair on a styrofoam head or wig stand. Always try to air dry the unit instead of using a blow dryer, as the excess heat can lead to damaging the strands. If you must, you can use it in a low-heat setting.

4. Maintenance

Davlyn Adhesive

You can clean the system when attached to your head, but removing it at least once a month is suggested for proper cleaning and maintenance. If you remove your V-loop hair systems daily, our customer reviews suggest using the Davyln glue on the 1” perimeter of the hair system. However, this is not recommended for people with an active lifestyle.

If you are someone who removes your system every 2-3 weeks, our stylists recommend you opt for Ghost Bond or Ultra Hold glue on your scalp as well as on the 1” perimeter of the hair system.

It's best to go to a hair system specialist or stylist for your maintenance.

5. Aftercare

You can expect to notice the front hairline looks frayed after a while. Some stylists recommend carefully trimming the front and touching up your hair color to extend its lifespan and give a refreshed look.

Avoid coloring the unit yourself, as it might stain the base and the system as a whole. Simultaneously, you can practice coloring on an older unit till you perfect the technique.

Bestselling V-loop skin base hair systems at Superhairpieces

Hair System for Men

Check out our bestselling V-looped hair replacement systems that come in different hair colors and gray percentages to give you a picture-perfect look.

With a durability of about 4-6 weeks (depending on how well you maintain them), these invisible V-loops are available in some of the thinnest skin bases in the world! Try our best-selling M111 or HD111 to experience a transforming look with a completely natural hairline.

HD111 - Our much loved thin skin v-loop hair system comes in 4 mils thickness (1 mil = 0.0254 mm) (4 mils = 0.1 mm) and 95% hair density.

M111 - With 3-4 mils thickness (0.07- 0.1 mm) and v-loop ventilation, this hair system base is slightly thinner than the HD111 with less dense hair too. It's great for people whose bio hair isn't too thick, making blending the unit a breeze.

M111XT - Our latest and quickly growing favourite v-loop hair system is an extremely thin skin base men’s toupee with 2-3 mils thickness (0.05-0.07 mm) and light density hair that adds to its natural look. Based on customer reviews, it seems as if the unit’s base has vanished or disappeared once applied to your scalp, giving it a look so real that you will not be able to notice where the base starts; forget about anyone else knowing!

Check out an honest customer review of our extremely thin base v-loop hair system, M111XT.

A thin skin base may be fragile, but that does not mean the hairline is visible. In fact, it's quite the contrary!

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