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5 Thanksgiving Hairstyles With Hair Toppers

5 Thanksgiving Hairstyles With Hair Toppers

Posted by Santana Fell on Nov 21, 2023

Thanksgiving, the time for togetherness, gratitude, and celebration is almost here!

It's the right time to start planning your outfit and hairstyle for the gazillion family pictures that will be taken on the day. And of course for that, you have to look your best. You don't want to regret it once the pictures are all over social media. What better way of pulling the perfect look together than styling your hair in the most aesthetically pleasing way?

Hairstyles are a massive part of enhancing one’s appearance. When styled right, your hair can speak volumes, quite literally. With the right hair accessories like toppers, your hairstyle can add dimension to your facial features, complimenting them perfectly and giving you a different look for every occasion.

We get that styling your hair can be time-consuming and troublesome for some, especially those who need more skill in manipulating it to give it the desired effect.

For those seeking easy and versatile options, consider incorporating hair toppers into your hair styling routine. These hair accessories not only add volume and texture to your natural hair but also offer an array of styling possibilities with their varying lengths for you to flaunt your gorgeous hairstyles.

Embrace your stylish and confident self with trendy and easy-to-achieve hairstyles that suit just about any attire. With the addition of chic human hair toppers for women, you can get effortless hairstyles that accentuate your festive spirit. Here are 5 stunning Thanksgiving hairstyles that beautifully integrate hair toppers into your hair:

Waterfall Braids

Waterfall Braids

Waterfall braids are a fantastic twist to the regular French braids. They result in beautiful cascading hair with a pretty braid sitting on the top.

You can do a full waterfall braid across your head or limit it to the sides; the choice is yours. Whichever way, the effect looks mesmerizing.

Add a women’s hair topper for a plump braid & fall this Thanksgiving, and be ready to get tons of compliments.



The edgy wolfcut hairstyle is a current favourite among celebrities, influencers, and the general masses alike. It is a modern take on the classic shag haircut with a layered cut that's typically shorter in the back and longer in the front. This haircut adds texture and volume throughout.

The wolfcut hairstyle is often paired with curtain bangs or face-framing layers for a rock-and-roll look. It's an excellent option for those seeking a low-maintenance yet trendy haircut.

If you do not want to take too much of a risk with this haircut, you can add the desired length of hair topper and get it cut professionally to blend with your natural hair, giving you short layers at the back while your natural hair can be blended with it to show the longer layers.

Retro Flipped-Up Ends

Retro Flipped-Up Ends

Thanksgiving 2023 is all about getting the trending retro look back with a bang. Quite literally! All the Netflix period dramas and K-dramas have got us wanting to incorporate baby bangs into all our hairstyles.

One of the easiest hairstyles you can get with women’s hair toppers is the retro flipped-up end hairstyle with bangs. This style is ideal for shoulder-length hair. Just fix your clip-in topper and use a styling brush, hair-setting spray and a blow dryer to get the look. Also, get your stylist to cut some bangs onto your hair topper. Bangs and flipped-up blowouts are a sure-shot hit combination.

Side Swept Hair With Metallic Clips

Side Swept Hair With Metallic Clips

The side-swept hairstyle with metallic clips radiates sophistication while maintaining a laid-back charm. Make a neat sweep of one part or side of your hair and put 6-7 sleek metallic clips to hold the hair in place. Use texturizing spray and a curler to get big waves on the other part or side of the hair.

A hair topper can give you the perfect volume needed for this style to stand out truly. Most hair toppers at Superhairpieces come with a slight wave to the hair. This helps to style the hair faster and gives you the exact style you desire.

Twisted Headband Roll

Twisted Headband Roll

A twisted headband is an elegant hairstyle perfect for Thanksgiving dinner with the family. Use a thin, stretchable headband and twist your hair around it to create a twisted headband look. Secure them together with bobby pins, leaving a few face-framing strands loose.

Adding a hair topper gives your hair some extra volume and length needed for this voluminous hairstyle to exude a bohemian-chic vibe.

These Thanksgiving hairstyles paired with hair toppers are simple yet elegant and complement any Thanksgiving ensemble. Try a few different styles to see which works best for you and your hair type. If you prefer to wear your hair down, you can use hair toppers to add volume and length to that, too.

Be it curls, braids, or any other hairstyles, hair toppers for women always add a polished finish, giving the perfect blend of sophistication, versatility, and ease.

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