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5 reasons your wig or toupee is itchy and how to fix it

5 reasons your wig or toupee is itchy and how to fix it

Posted by Superhairpieces on Jul 14, 2021

One of the most annoying things that can happen to any hair system wearer is having an itchy wig or toupee after it’s installed. While the installation process gets easier as one does it regularly, it’s not something that takes seconds either. That is why it can be extremely frustrating to get an itch after you’ve done all the hard work, whether the itching is right away or happens later on.

With that said, this blog will look at five potential reasons why your hairpiece is or feels itchy, and how to fix or prevent it.

Not taking your wig off or lack of maintenance

lack of maintenance

The general perception is that human hair wigs or toupees are naturally itchy because they are a foreign object applied to your scalp. This, of course, isn’t true. But what doesn’t help matters is a lack of maintenance for the hairpiece or not even taking it off.

In general, it’s not recommended to keep wigs on while you sleep at all. And while toupees can be slept with and can last months, it’s important to regularly maintain and wash them. This not only keeps the hairpiece clean which helps prevent itchiness, but also allows your scalp a chance to breathe and get clean as well.

After all, dirty natural hair can also lead to itchiness.

Dandruff or skin conditions

Dandruff or skin conditions

It’s also very possible that pre-existing skin conditions can be contributing to an itchy scalp. Having dandruff and/or seborrhoeic dermatitis by themselves can cause itchiness and a flaky scalp, and if you’re wearing a wig and not able to scratch, it will only make things worse.

Look into special shampoo designed to treat those skin conditions to help eradicate them. If your hairpiece doesn’t come with a wig cap, you may want to consider investing in one as it could help with the itchiness. However, this comes at the price of your hairpiece being less breathable.

Hair coloring

Hair coloring

Many people like to color or bleach their natural hair and have it blend with the color of their hairpiece. However, this is also known to cause itchiness. Adding a wig on top of this colored hair can mean even more discomfort.

One solution for this if you absolutely require your hair to be colored is to apply coconut oil and massage your scalp soon after you have finished coloring your hair. Leave the oil in your scalp for a few hours to help soothe your skin and help relieve any remaining itchiness.

Cheap hair systems

Cheap hair systems

It’s basic human nature to want something at the cheapest possible price. Unfortunately, as far as wigs and toupees are concerned, this can lead to scams and faulty, low-quality hair systems. Whether it’s the base material, the hair that is used or the knotting, all of these can be a factor as to why your hairpiece is itchy.

For the most part, hair systems are a long-term investment, so it’s all the more important to invest money into a wig or toupee from a reputable company that sells high-quality products.

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Allergic reactions to adhesive or wig

allergic reactions to wig

One of the most common reasons why you may be experiencing itchiness is because your skin is simply allergic to your hairpiece or the adhesive that is used. This can be because of the type of hair as sometimes, certain properties of synthetic hair are known to cause allergies for some wearers. If you find that you’re itching in the center of your head and you’ve only used tape or glue at the perimeter, it’s possible that the base material is what’s causing you problems. Therefore, if you’re using a lace base, it may be worth it to see how you feel with a poly base and vice-versa.

If it’s the tape or glue that’s potentially bothering you, you can switch to a different brand or type and see how it affects you. To be even more sure, it is recommended to a patch test first.

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In the end, these are all just suggestions. If you find that your itchiness is extreme, the most important thing to do is consult with your doctor first.


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