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​3 Top Benefits of Wearing Hair Extensions Clip Ins

​3 Top Benefits of Wearing Hair Extensions Clip Ins

Posted by Superhairpieces on May 31, 2019

3 Top Benefits of Wearing Hair Extensions Clip-Ins

Ever seen those celebrities with such beautiful, luscious, princess-looking hair? Aren’t they just so gorgeous? Luckily clip-on extensions have endless benefits!

It is great for those bridal parties, a night out, or just want to have those glam fab days. Sometimes clients just want  to have fuller and longer hair without a long term commitment or just for the heck of it. Regardless of the event or mood, these kind of extensions are one-step closer to finishing off that celebrity look.

Read below for the top 3 advantages of wearing clip-in extensions for you and/or your clients. These might just do the trick especially for the clients that are undesivice and afraid of hair commitments!

No Commitment & Endless Styles

There are so many options to choose from in the hair & beauty industry. Clip on extensions gives your client the opportunity to pick and choose which look they want to take on for the day. It can be worn on special occasions or daily. The best part of this type of extensions over full attachments is that they have complete control over their looks, any day and any time. If they don’t like it, you can simply change it. A great advantage is there is no commitment to having just one hairstyle for weeks like tape-ins or glued on wefts. You can put your client at ease, just in case they are having a “buyers-remorse” moment.

Low Maintenance

This type of hair extension is the easiest to apply and best to work with. It is a quick application. You can literally do a nice full volume look for your clients in 10 mins! How great is that? Get luscious volumes of hair in no time. This would be amazing for a huge bridal party. Unlike those messy glues, tapes, fusions and sew-ins, as easy as they are to apply, they’re even easier to take off. So that bridal party you are working with can look glam and fab for the day. This low maintenance look will definitely save you time so you can focus more on the styling. All it takes is to simply part, tease, clip-on, and style..

Less Damage

A lot of the times we get asked, what is the best hair extensions that cause the least amount of damage on the hair. Well of course it is the clip-ins! Clips-ins do not cause thinning or breakage in the hair. You don’t need to remove any adhesion at all and they do not pull on the hair as much. Instead, due to its’ design they are more gentler because it does not sit permanently on the clients head. If the client is having issues with the weight of the hair, well it is super easy to remove. Just simply clip off.

This a great packaged idea that can be bundled up with supplies for your clients who refuse to commit to just one hair style for weeks. Or what about that bridal party? How awesome would it be to be able to give them the gift of change!?

Here are some popular ideas on bridal up-dos using clip-in hair extensions.


For the clients who just cannot decide let them know the benefits to these clip-ins and we're sure you'll get them hooked!

At Superhairpieces we offer such a variety of colours in our extensions! If clip-ins aren’t your favorite choice don’t worry we got plenty of options to choose from!

Check out our website (US/International Clients) or (Canadian only)

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