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3 Reasons To Remove Tape in Extensions

3 Reasons To Remove Tape in Extensions

Posted by Superhairpieces on Oct 19, 2020

Wearing tape extensions can make anyone’s hair looking luscious and full all year round. It’s one of the most easiest and preferred method of hair extensions for clients. But the frustrations we hear all the time is that, it’s either too much maintenance or the hair extensions don’t last long. However, the longevity of the extensions usually depends on the wear and tear – maintenance.

So if you are one of the frustrated ones that hate the maintenance of removing and up-keeping tape-in extensions. Read on to see why it is so important for your clients!

tape-in hair extensions

1. Keeps The Costs Down

Yes, I know it seems a little ironic because when you hear “maintenance” you hear time, effort, and cost to maintain these extensions. But what you don’t realize is that proper maintenance of the extensions keeps the hair lasting longer.

One, it helps avoid the purchase new hair and two, its less time spent in repairing damaged hair from old tape. For any salon professional this will help keep costs low for both you and the client. What client doesn’t love lower maintenance costs? You’ll have them coming back every time!

2. Longer Wear Time

As mentioned in #1, while it helps to keep the costs low, maintaining the maintenance cycle is important to keep these locks looking fabulous every time. Removing, cleaning and re-taping extensions when it’s due (usually every 4 to 6 weeks) helps with keeping the adhesive hold longer. Therefore, clients will enjoy their re-tapes, just like when they first got their packs in. Also, this preserves the extensions. Which technically means the hair can be re-applied many times more throughout the year than with tapes that have not been maintained correctly. You can even have the extensions re-applied for up to a year, especially with our 5A & 6A quality.

3. Prevents Damage

Now this part is important, because not only does it prevent the hair extensions from being damaged, this will also protect your client’s hair from being damaged. Just like anything in this world, gravity can have such a negative pull, especially on our physical features. This is no different with hair. When the tape-ins start to grow out about every 4 to 6 weeks, it will start to weigh out unevenly. Creating a heavy feel on the client’s hair which then can start to pull their own hair down with it.

Also, leaving in tape longer than the expected maintenance cycle, will be extremely hard to remove the adhesive from the client’s hair. This can cause the stylist to pull more aggressively. The result would leave pulling more hair out from the client’s scalp and causing more damage on the extensions. Which of course you don’t want neither to happen, as the client can leave feeling less secure about hair extensions and prevent them from coming back.

tape-in extensions

So there you have it. Up keeping the maintenance cycles are very important in preventing damage to both the client and the hair extensions, keeps the extensions lasting longer, and also keeps the costs low which is very enticing for clients. You’ll have them come back every time!

So make sure you schedule your client’s maintenance services right after their first install, and kindly remind them every time after. They’ll thank you for it!

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