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3 Common Mistakes When Measuring the Hair System Base

3 Common Mistakes When Measuring the Hair System Base

Posted by Superhairpieces on Apr 28, 2021

Hair systems come in a number of different sizes with many of them being able to be cut down to a specific size if required. Most of the time, this is done by the buyer who goes through the process of measuring the base first before cutting it down to a size that fits their head.

However, there are a few major mistakes many people make when they are measuring the hairpiece base. Superhairpieces has provided this short guide on some of these common mistakes when measuring the base as well as the best practices to follow.

Mistake #1 Laying the base flat

Mistake - laying the hair system base flat on a surface

One common mistake many hair system buyers make is laying the base flat on a surface when measuring it.

While it can be tempting to do this when it comes to measuring the base, this will only lead to measurement errors as the base isn’t positioned correctly in the same way it would on your scalp.

To get a more accurate measurement of your base, place the hair piece on a mannequin or if you don’t have one, you can even place it on a family member or friend’s head for better results.

Mistake #2 Not measuring from the right points

Another big mistake made is not measuring the base from the right points.

measure the hair system base from side to side

When you measure the base from side to side, you need to make sure you are measuring from the middle points or from temple to temple. One useful tip is starting the measurement half an inch away from the circular part of the base (corners) where it becomes more linear.

measurement chart of a perfect hair system

The same applies to front to back as you should always measure from the center.

measure the hair system base from front to back

Additionally, one more mistake that is commonly made is measuring from or until the very end of the base which includes the poly edges. Instead, fold the edges up and start right from the hairline to measure the base size accurately.

Mistake #3 Pressing the base too tight

Mistake - pressing the hair system base too tight

Sometimes, people will measure the base the right way but end up pressing onto the base while doing so. This adds pressure to the base unit and will not lead to an accurate measurement of your hair system.

To avoid this, lightly handle the base from the edges when you are measuring it.


Hair replacement systems are important investments, so it’s only beneficial if you take the right approach when it comes to handling and maintaining it. Hopefully, you can take note of all these common mistakes and get a perfect measurement of your base should you decide to cut it down to your preferred size.


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