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2 Effective & Faster Methods in Placing Custom Hair System Orders

2 Effective & Faster Methods in Placing Custom Hair System Orders

Posted by Superhairpieces on May 10, 2019


Custom Hair System Orders

There are situations in every business where a crisis can occur. Sometimes these situations can occur when companies we depend on are involved. When these external companies do not deliver what is expected, the rise for a crisis can occur for the parties involved. But, these situations can also be a blessing in disguise. It pushes the company to enhance their “fight-or-flight” response by forcing it to develop preventative actions for the future, and develop effective solutions.

Superhairpieces, unfortunately, had to experience such a crisis when our parcel was unexpectedly lost in transit from China to the US. There were over 90 custom made orders, which meant there were over 100 clients that were not going to receive their long awaited order. As frustrated as the clients were, most of them were surprisingly understanding and we greatly appreciate such cooperation. However, this definitely put the company into perspective as quick solutions were developed. We thought of ways that could help clients make their ordering process more efficient and effective so that in cases like this, clients would not be losing samples, templates, and waiting even longer to remake the units.

We developed the best possible solutions to satisfy our clients and thought of effective actions that would make custom ordering more efficient. In addition to changing our courier provider, we learned two important lessons that we just had to share with our clients.

#1 Fast Molds make a huge difference!

We had some salon owners that were fortunate enough to purchase our fast molds earlier on in the year. When their order was lost, they did not have to get their clients to come back into the salon to create a new template. Instead, they were able to use the cap numbers on the fast mold to reorder their remakes the same day. This of course would guarantee a quicker turnaround time.

Having fast mold templates/caps will help many salon owners recover their templates in 1-2 days . When salons develop such a database for their clients, it makes ordering much easier and efficient. They do not need to send us any samples for their custom systems, and this backup helps recover their custom order dramatically.

To purchase your fast mold click here for US & International, click here for Canada.

#2 Stocks are a lifesaver!

Another solution we came across was having a stock unit backup plan. Following the trends of the hair replacement industry, many salon owners always pick up a men’s stock hair systems or women’s stock hair systems for their client whenever they have a chance to service them. This definitely helps in these kinds of crisis situations. We had many lost orders replaced by stock systems and successfully saved their client’s appointment. This of course is definitely beneficial for our consumer retail clients, as they would have to wait for another 8 to 9 weeks for their remake to be completed. Yikes!

Nonetheless, no business ever wants to encounter such as a disaster but one must always prepare themselves for one. Luckily, we got to thinking quickly and resolved the majority of our cases in a matter of days! We are extremely grateful for all our clients’ patience, understanding, and cooperation in this matter, and just can not thank you enough for being amazing! 

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