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For many men who deal with male pattern baldness, they simply accept their balding or thinning hair or go ahead and do a complete shave. While for many, the look can suit them, for others, they don't quite have the head shape for a completely bald look or they simply don't look as good in general, looking many years older than they are. This is where toupee wigs for men are extremely useful. For any balding man who misses their hair, men's hair pieces can instantly give them a full head of hair again. If installed and styled correctly, it will look extremely natural looking and realistic while providing them with a huge confidence boost. Hair systems can truly bring your life back and with Superhairpieces offering a wide range of men's toupees in various styles, sizes and colors, there is one out there for you!

Why are wigs better than a hair transplant?

Hair transplants are one of the popular options for men dealing with hair loss. However, men's wigs, also known as toupees, hairpieces and hair systems, are a type of hair replacement system that provides a number of benefits compared to hair transplants. For one, you get instant results and don't have to wait a year to see any progress like with a hair transplant. It's also irreversible so if you don't like the hair system, you can simply take it off which is not the case with a botched hair transplant. It is also much cheaper, especially upfront, while there is no risk of infections either as it is a non-surgical hair replacement.

Shop human hair pieces for men

Superhairpieces provides a number of different men's hair systems and wigs for men. These range from thin skin poly hair systems, v-looped hair systems, French lace hair systems, Swiss lace hair systems, monofilament hair systems, lace front hair systems, full cap wigs for men and plenty more depending on your preferences!

If you require further customization, you can also get a custom made hair system so that it fits your exact needs as well as head measurements. Customization options include but are not limited to hair length, hair type, bleached knots, base color, hair density and plenty more!

If you are a first-time toupee hair system buyer, you will definitely need some help and resources. Superhairpieces is here to provide you with all the help you need to prepare for your first men's hairpiece. You can call or text us at 1-866-814-7879 or check out our various guides and blogs.