No Shine Tape Straight 3/4" x 3" (36 pcs per pack)

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No Shine Hair Tape


Hold Time 3-5 Weeks Well known for its dull finish, and is virtually invisible through the unit. It is made with Urethane, which makes the tape flexible with the skin.

Somewhat more expensive, but worth it because you cannot see it.  This bonding tape really does replace messy glue.  Great for the front hairline of a lace unit.

Note: The less shiny side is the split side and designed to be applied to the bottom of the lace hairpiece first.

Daily Tape 3M Red liner
1-2 days 4-7 days
Poly base only Poly base only
$4.00/36 pcs bag $5.00/36 pcs bag
Weekly Tape Blue Liner Duo Tac
2-3 weeks 2-3 weeks
  Easy clean
$6.00/36 pcs bag $10.00/36 pcs bag
Monthly tape No Shine Super tape
4-5 weeks 4-5 weeks
$8.00/36 pcs bag $9.00/36 pcs bag
Over Month tape Ultra Hold Tape Extenda Bond
4-6 weeks 4-6 weeks
Less shine  
$7.00/36 pcs bag $2.00 / Strip

"Straigt" shape

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